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Which Brand Is The Best For A Diamond Ring?

Which Brand Is The Best For A Diamond Ring?

The question you asked that led you straight to this article is: Which brand is best for a diamond ring?

In this article, we have selected the ten most famous brands for buying and selling engagement rings and described in detail how they were created and where they stand today.

The brands we’ve selected are:

  1. James Allen
  2. Blue Nile
  3. Tiffany & Co.
  4. DeBeers
  5. Harry Winston
  6. Cartier
  7. Verragio
  8. Graff
  9. Van Cleef & Arpels
  10. Chopard

Each of these designers stands out from the others thanks to something unique.

Our advice: Buy from a reliable retailer to ensure you receive the most excellent value for these designer brand rings. Just be careful not to buy from an unreliable retailer because you can wind up overpaying or getting a subpar copy.

Let’s see more about these brands!

1. James Allen


First off, we have James Allen. They are one of the most well-known and beloved online diamond ring resellers in the world, and for a reason. Here, we’re going to give you all of the reasons for that but also point out where there’s room for improvement.

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They have affordable pricing, 360-degree videos of all of their diamonds, amazing customer service, and a great 30-day full refund policy.

What’s also incredible about James Allen and their diamonds is that they are all certified – either by GIA, IGI, or AGS. Furthermore, all of the diamonds that they offer are conflict-free, lab certified, and examined by a real gemologist.

To add to this awesomeness, James Allen diamonds also have a lifetime warranty, which is a huge plus if anything goes wrong with your purchase. It also shows how confident they are in the quality of their diamonds and rings.

What’s more, James Allen has always been about making diamonds attainable for a larger group of people. For a long time, diamonds were only available to the wealthy, but things are changing now with companies like this.

They offer diamonds of different qualities at different prices, which allows people to get real, certified diamonds that may not be what’s considered “ideal” by experts, but that they still like.

On the other hand, they also offer premium diamonds of perfect cut and are rated highly on the GIA 4 Cs. That collection is called TrueHearts, and it will definitely catch your eye.

As far as their pricing goes, they are mostly on par with their competitors and sometimes even more affordable. Compared to the big names in the diamond jewelry business, James Allen’s prices are as much as 50% lower for diamonds of identical characteristics.

They also offer a wide selection of settings for your jewelry, which gives you lots of room to customize it according to your preferences and style.

Furthermore, James Allen has created an incredible business model that makes sure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience while purchasing diamond jewelry with them.

First of all, they have a wide range of loose diamonds that you can choose from: over 500,000 diamonds in 10 different shapes.

What’s more, you’ll see that they offer lab diamonds, as well. This is a great option for anyone who wants an affordable, eco-friendly, and sustainable diamond.

In addition, James Allen also offers other gemstones that you can put into your jewelry, such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

Next, they have ensured that you have the perfect view of the diamond you’re interested in. They offer a 360-degree view of every diamond in their warehouse.

Lastly, we cannot gloss over the fact that James Allen guarantees a diamond price match. What does that mean, you may be wondering?

Essentially, it means that if you find a comparable diamond for a lower price somewhere else, they will match that price. This way, you know that you’re not overpaying anything.

As you can see, James Allen is a diamond reseller of the new generation – accessible, high-quality, and diverse.


Of course, no online store is perfect, and that goes for James Allen as well. Here are a few things that we feel could be improved on.

First of all, there are no reservations for diamonds. That means that you have to act quickly and get your favorite diamond quickly before it’s gone. This can make you feel a bit stressed and add pressure to the situation, which is already intense.

However, the good thing is that, as you know, James Allen has a big selection of diamonds at your disposal, and you are guaranteed to find at least a few diamonds to your liking.

Another thing that can be problematic is the fact that shipping can be delayed. This is due to the fact that each ring and piece of jewelry is hand-crafted, which can take a bit of time to be done

2. Blue Nile


Now, let’s discuss Blue Nile and its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll see that this online reseller is also a great choice for buying diamonds and diamond jewelry on the Internet, but we’ll also share what we think could be made better about their service.


We’ll start with the good.

One of the main things that Blue Nile is known for is its incredibly affordable and competitive prices. You will find amazing diamonds of different quality and different price ranges at significantly lower prices than at some big-name brands.

What’s more, you’ll get a free virtual consultation which will allow you to clear up any confusion about buying a diamond and also get some good advice on what the best diamond for your needs is.

When compared to James Allen, Blue Nile has more physical showrooms, which makes it easier for you to see your diamond in person before buying it if that’s what you want.

Another advantage of this reseller is the fact that they have a wide range of fine jewelry, not just rings. Also, all of their diamonds are inspected in person, guaranteeing quality to a higher degree than companies that operate on the drop-ship model.

Much like James Allen, Blue Nile also offers a price match, which is a huge plus and gives you a lot of security. This means that they are confident in the fact that they have the lowest prices on the market.

Furthermore, they guarantee conflict-free sourcing. They subscribe to what’s called the Kimberly Process, meaning that they track diamonds from the mines to the market, which ensures that the diamond is authentic.

Moreover, Blue Nile offers other gems, as well as pearls, which significantly broaden your possibilities when designing your dream ring and jewelry in general.


Now that you know about the pros of this reseller, we have to mention a few of the drawbacks.

First off, they have a limited number of settings. When you’re looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring, you want to have your options open and be able to choose from as many settings as possible.

That’s why some people prefer shopping over at James Allen, as they are known for having a bunch of settings available on their online store.

The next con is that they are also limited in their yellow and rose gold options for rings. This further limits your design options when combined with the number of settings at your disposal.

What’s more, not all of Blue Nile’s diamonds are available in the 360-degree view. This means that you may not be able to have the perfect view of the diamonds you’re interested in, which leaves some additional room for error in choosing.

However, some people wouldn’t exactly consider these cons, as giving you fewer options lowers the chances of long deliberations and being indecisive. Sometimes, more options just make you more overwhelmed.

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Image Source: Tiffany & Co

3. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is a household name that few people are unfamiliar with.

Tiffany & Co., arguably the most well-known jewelry company, was established in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young.

Initially, it was a “stationery and fancy goods store” in Brooklyn, New York.

Charles assumed complete business leadership in 1853 and shifted the emphasis to jewelry, and the rest is history.

The ‘Blue Book,’ a mail order catalog, inspired the iconic blue boxes that have come to represent the company.

The most popular engagement ring characteristics, which holds a solitaire diamond in place with six evenly spaced metal prongs, was created by Tiffany & Co.

This keeps the diamond firmly in place while allowing the most light to enter it. Your partner could start swooning as soon as you drop down on one knee and open the famous Tiffany blue box.

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According to InStyle USA, Nick Jonas closed Tiffany & Co. in London to find Priyanka Chopra, his future bride, the ultimate engagement diamond. She accepted a stunning cushion-cut diamond surrounded by two baguettes of diamonds. Who wouldn’t accept that?

Let’s move to the next one – DeBeers!

Image Source: De Beers

4. DeBeers

Although wearing wedding or engagement rings was a custom that predated DeBeers by many years, the company’s extraordinarily effective marketing effort in 1947 is what gave diamond engagement rings its status as an ageless custom.

Do you recall the phrase “A Diamond Is Forever”? Yes, that came from DeBeers’ fruitful marketing effort. That was DeBeers, for sure! DeBeers has been around since 1888 and has encountered its fair share of controversy.

We can say that diamond engagement rings are a thing because of DeBeers.

They effectively controlled the world’s diamond supply for a considerable period, driving prices upward to boost their profits.

DeBeers has lately focused on the Far Eastern market since the playing field has been leveled a bit.

Let’s move to the third and very famous engagement ring company – Harry Winston!

Image Source: Harry Winston

5. Harry Winston

One of the most prestigious jewelers in the world, Harry Winston, is recognized for creating items that many celebrities wear with pride.

Since Harry Winston’s first store in New York City opened in 1932, the brand has been popular among America’s affluent and famous.

After purchasing Arabella Huntington’s magnificent jewelry collection in 1926 and recreating her antique gems into contemporary pieces, Mr. Harry Winston rose to popularity.

Many people have worn Harry Winston’s lavish engagement rings, including Donald Trump’s first wife.

According to reports, Marla Maples sold her 7.5-carat diamond ring at auction for $300,000 in 2016.

Another famous customer is Ben Affleck, who bought Jennifer Lopez a magnificent 6.1-carat pink diamond ring in 2002. A lengthy line of famous people before them, including Amal Clooney, Natalie Portman, and others, have all been spotted wearing Harry Winston jewelry.

He was even given the title “king of diamonds” by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1947 in recognition of his exquisite creations, many of which are still in use today.

You could take your girlfriend to a Harry Winston store to look at the rings they have on display if you want to present her with the finest engagement rings ever.

Image Source: Cartier

6. Cartier

An engagement ring from Cartier, established in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, is the pinnacle of Parisian luxury.

The Duchess of Cambridge (also known as Kate Middleton) and King Edward VII, who ordered 27 tiaras from them for his coronation in 1902, are among the famous people who have worn this brand. It was family-owned until the 1960s.

They offer some modern and extremely cutting-edge current designs, paying homage to timelessly beautiful styles that have been a standard in the industry for centuries in their 1895 engagement ring line.

The business has a history of working with members of the royal family and famous people, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Wallis Simpson, and King Edward VII.

A Cartier engagement ring is a dream come true for most women who hope for the day they get one. Also, Cartier offers gorgeous engagement rings at various pricing ranges to accommodate all sorts of purchasers.

However, it should be emphasized that, as far as we are aware, Cartier exclusively employs natural diamonds when making its diamond jewelry.

Cartier’s luxury engagement rings don’t have as many possibilities as some of the other names on this list. However, we still think you should consider them if you search for quality and authenticity.

Additionally, they are a royal brand, so when your woman wears exquisite jewelry, she should feel like a true queen.

Verragio is our fifth on this list, let’s take a look at it!

Image Source: Verragio

7. Verragio

Verragio merits a place on the list even though it is not as well-known a brand as the four others named above.

Verragio is a New York City-based designer of diamond wedding bands and engagement rings made with the finest care and quality. This is the ideal ring to propose to your girlfriend since it is just stunning and made to last a lifetime.

“Unlike any other ring” is the company’s slogan. This is clearly true when you view their selection of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The owner of this brand is Barry Verragio. Since he began creating jewelry (at the age of 14), Barry Verragio has honed a beautiful, European-inspired design for his engagement rings.

The Lumino setting, a trademark of Verragio, is intended to accentuate the central diamond and make it shine out.

This type of cut suspends the diamond mid-air with little metal impediments to enable more light to strike the diamond’s facets.

Image Source: Graff

8. Graff

Graff high-end engagement rings are renowned for their distinctive designs and lovely diamonds set in priceless gold or platinum.

Their Promise engagement ring is just one of their rings with platinum elements, tapering baguette-shaped side stones that draw attention to a stunning marquise cut diamond, and exquisite proportions and exceptional scintillation.

Graff also sells stunning bridal jewelry from their designer collections, allowing you to accessorize your wedding day outfit with gorgeous accessories.

This brand has a plethora of royal clients, including Princess Charlene of Monaco. The company’s creator is a London-based British jeweler named Laurence Graff.

The inventive jeweler has worked with more diamonds of exceptional beauty and rarity than any other.

One outstanding example is the exquisite Wittelsbach-Graff blue diamond, which has been in the hands of European royalty since 1644.

Graff also creates premium diamond engagement and wedding bands that are exclusively accessible to nobility and multi-millionaires.

Laurence Graff started this London-based British jeweler in 1960, and throughout its six decades in operation, it has “handled more diamonds of exceptional rarity and beauty than any jeweler.”

They also create custom, top-quality diamond wedding and engagement rings that are so unique that no pricing is listed on the internet. Unless you’re a princess, we can say this is probably out of your price range.

Two more to go, let’s see who we got left on this list!

Image Source: Van Cleef & Arpels

9. Van Cleef & Arpels

Luxury engagement rings from Van Cleef & Arpels have some of the most incredible diamond settings in the business in addition to their classic styles, which are meant to retain your precious stones firmly and keep them from slipping out while worn.

This is why Van Cleef And Arpels and other luxury engagement ring companies are so widely recommended as a fantastic choice for consumers looking for something more reasonably priced yet of the highest caliber.

Some of the world’s most giant fashion stars, like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, were adorned with jewelry by the renowned jeweler Van Cleef and Arpels.

Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef’s love led to the creation of this Parisian label in 1896.

The company’s claim to fame is making the magnificent crown for the 1997 coronation of Iranian empress Farah Pahlavi.

Van Cleef and Arpels are responsible for the “Mystery Setting,” a ground-breaking design in which many gemstones are placed with no discernible prongs.

Instead, each stone is faceted by a trained craftsman onto tiny metal rails. The results are fantastic, but it takes hundreds of hours of labor.

Image Source: Chopard

10. Chopard

Since 1860, Chopard has operated out of Geneva, Switzerland, and gained notoriety for producing watches for women.

Their trademark was a free-floating diamond behind sapphire glass, which later led to diamond jewelry for ladies (although they still rule the game regarding watches too).

Their range of engagement rings strikes the ideal blend between their shockingly contemporary and alternative jewelry line and classic styles.

So, a round diamond solitaire in a distinctive setting or a diamond with a less conventional cut (such as a trillion or pear) placed in a specific location are examples of their trademark engagement ring designs.

Fans of Rihanna will be happy to learn that the pop queen also worked on a line with Chopard.

Their preferred form of engagement ring is a round solitaire diamond in an original yet straightforward setting.

Unique engagement rings by Chopard are expertly produced by hand using the most excellent components and diamonds available.

They may develop contemporary designs for their luxury engagement rings using specific polishing procedures, making them ideal for current fashion trends.

Although Chopard is well renowned for its diamond jewelry, they also produce similar quality high-end engagement rings.

Why Should You Purchase Engagement Rings from Designer Brands?

Your decision to ask someone to marry you is not the easiest thing you have to deal with. Do you need to make that decision even harder by attempting to choose the ideal diamond, cut, color and design?

Fortunately, some experts have a specific knack for jewelry creation. The best approach to creating a stunning engagement ring for the love of your life is to put your trust in one of these designers.

These designers are masters in their craft. When you choose an engagement ring from a premium designer brand, you can be sure that the best materials and the most significant degree of craftsmanship are being used to create your design.

Nothing is more disappointing than a stunning diamond that is let down by a poor or inappropriate cut. Similarly, a brilliant cut and a diamond with a low grade.

Designer businesses add their names to their creations, so they share your passion for designing the ideal engagement ring.

These patterns are not only exquisite but also distinctive. Designer brand rings have their designs patented, so you won’t find them reproduced in some shady neighborhood shop or on Amazon.

Your spouse is unique, and her engagement ring ought to reflect that.

Additionally, some of these designers are sold in the stores of the finest places to purchase engagement rings, making it simple for you to locate them.

Let’s see the conclusion for this topic, shall we?

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Final Thoughts

As we have said many times in this article, choosing the right diamond ring, its brand, shape, and color is anything but a simple decision you must make.

This raises the question: Which brand is the best for a diamond ring?

If we look at it realistically, it is impossible to single out and point the finger at just one brand when there are so many brands today, and each one is different and unique in its own way.

Therefore, together with you, we have gone through a list of ten of the best and most popular brands for engagement rings. They are:

  • James Allen
  • Blue Nile
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • DeBeers
  • Harry Winston
  • Cartier
  • Verragio
  • Graff
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Chopard

In addition, in the end, we tried to explain why getting a designed engagement ring is essential and what makes it different from a ring you can get in a local shop in your neighborhood.

Hope you had fun reading about the best brands for diamond rings! We sure had while writing this article for you!

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