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Meet The Editorial Team

Let’s meet the editorial team here at CaratCraze that brings you all the content you’re enjoying on our website! They are responsible for bringing you fact-checked, informative, and authentic content that you love so much.

For those who are familiar with the industry, some of these names might seem familiar to you since all of our editors have extensive experience in the niche and have worked with diamonds long before this.

We know that diamonds aren’t something that you can get your information about from anywhere, so we know how trusted a source needs to be in order for it to be legitimate.

Find out more about our team:

Founder / Editor-In-Chief

James D. Harrington

Having many years of experience dealing with diamonds is essential for legitimacy. James has had over 15 years of experience in this industry. Diamond validation and diamond appraisal are his fields of expertise alongside selling and buying diamonds.


Gloria Y.

Gloria is probably one of the most recognizable faces for those who have been in the diamond industry for a long time. Excavation of diamonds and diamond mining is what Gloria is known for being the lead on many projects related to this. Technical precision and efficiency are what tell Gloria apart from others in this branch.


Dalila W.

Dalila is the writer that has been with us for the longest time. Her experience in diamond testing and validating is 6 years long, and she has been working with diamonds for about as long. The field of work where Dalila spent the most years is working with rough and unpolished diamonds.


Martin G.

Martin is our youngest colleague. But, youth doesn’t mean inexperience. Martin has been working in the diamond industry for over 4 years and has been working with us for a year. He is a fast learner and shows interest in diamond cuts and their characteristics. Although skilled in many fields, this is what Martin really shines!


Donovan K.

Appraising diamonds is probably the most well-known job that’s related to diamonds. Experience in trading, buying, selling, and dealing diamonds is crucial in this field. That’s why Donovan is the most skilled at appraising diamonds and finding their real value on the market.

Our whole team of editors is dedicated to introducing you to fact-checked articles educating you on the topic of diamonds and everything diamond-related.

Evidence, facts, and transparency are what our editorial team strives for. Besides that, every member of our team strives to implement their knowledge and experience while writing every article they’re responsible for.

If you would like to get in touch, please send us an email.