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About CaratCraze

The world of diamonds may seem confusing, especially to those who are new to it. Keeping that in mind, we made in order to help anyone and everyone who’s looking for authentic diamond-related content that’s easy to read and fact-checked.

CaratCraze is a website dedicated to all diamond-related topics, run by a team of professionals in the industry. From different cuts and fun facts about diamonds to serious topics of validation, prices, and diamond ownership.

It’s always important to know what you’re buying, especially when it’s a big investment such as diamonds.

That’s why we’ve made sure to give you the freshest and most needed information about everything you need to know before buying a diamond.

Carats, prices, cuts, precious metals, and many different topics may seem like too much to someone that’s never been in a market for diamonds.

That’s why we cover topics such as:

  • Different diamond cuts
  • Financial advice related to diamonds 
  • The durability of diamonds
  • Interesting diamond-related facts

Or maybe you’ve inherited some diamonds and you don’t know what type of diamond it is?

Well, you’re also in luck since we provide you with information that’s suitable for recognizing what diamond you’re in possession of!

Nevertheless, there are some topics that are really hard to wrap your head around if you’re not familiar with the world of diamonds.

For those who have some knowledge of diamonds and are looking to expand it, we have you covered as well.

Diamond statistics, little-known facts, and intermediate and advanced knowledge of diamonds are also topics that we cover!

The important thing is that you benefit from the knowledge that you’ll acquire just by taking a few minutes out of your day to read an article or two.

How would I benefit from that? – you may ask. Let us answer that:

  • First of all, buying a diamond is a tricky business. Knowing how to validate it, what certificates to look for, and what’s the right price are all useful information in those scenarios.
  • Second, picking a diamond that you are about to buy is also not that easy. Knowing how it looks, when to wear it, how formal the cut of the diamond is, etc…

You don’t want to buy a diamond that won’t fit your lifestyle! Keeping all of this in mind, we invite you to start browsing our website by clicking here and start gaining valuable knowledge on all diamond-related topics!

If you would like to get in touch, please send us an email.