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How Much Does It Cost To Tighten Prongs On a Diamond Ring?

How Much Does It Cost To Tighten Prongs On a Diamond Ring?

One of the biggest fears when having a diamond ring in a prong setting is losing the diamond. This fear is justified because it’s more common for center stones to fall out than you think.

Even when the ring is brand new, the prongs might not be tightened correctly, and just like that – you’re left without your diamond.

That’s why checking the prongs on your diamond ring from time to time is crucial.

But, where can you take your diamond for maintenance, and how much does it cost to tighten prongs on a diamond ring?

In this article, we’ll talk about diamond prongs, including what they are, where you can repair them, and how often you should maintain your diamond ring.

Moreover, we’ll also cover what you can do to prevent prongs from loosening up. Let’s dive right in and see what we have in store for you when it comes to this topic!

What Are Diamond Prongs?

Diamond prongs are parts of a diamond setting that keep the center stone in place. They’re made from the same metal the setting is made out of and are tightened around the diamond’s girdle.

Usually, diamonds are kept secure with 4 or 6 prongs depending on the diamond’s shape.

The thickness of the prongs largely depends on the size and shape of the diamond. When the diamond is small, most people decide on thinner prongs because they won’t cover up the stone’s surface.

Although diamonds may look bigger with fewer thinner prongs, this isn’t always a secure option. Thin prongs are easier to damage, meaning it’s more likely for you to lose the diamond.

It’s always better to opt for a more secure option, even if it will make your diamond look smaller. Moreover, you can always choose another setting without prongs.

Pros and Cons of Prong Setting

Diamond prongs have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look at them.


  • Best highlight the elegance and brilliance of a diamond
  • Easy setting process
  • Cheaper in cost because less material is used
  • Can hold diamonds of different shapes and sizes
  • Simplistic and timeless design
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Prongs could get deformed and loose
  • Could snag on clothes, hair, and towels
  • Girdle has less protection

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How Do You Know If Your Prongs Are Loose?

It’s easy to tell if the prongs on your diamond ring are loose. The harder part is remembering to check it often. Here are four methods you can use to determine if the diamond on your ring is close to falling out:

  • Rattling test – Put your diamond ring close to your ear and tap it with the index finger on your other hand. If you hear a rattling sound, it’s a definite indicator that the prongs are loose.
  • Fingernail test – You can use your fingernails to push the diamond along the girdle. If it moves, spins, or rotates, it’s time to tighten the prongs.
  • Reflection test – Grab a pair of tweezers and position your diamond to reflect the light on its surface. After that, use the tweezers to push the diamond lightly. When you see the light shifting, it means the stone is trying to escape.
  • Pin test – Take a pin, position it on the girdle, and gently push the stone. Use a magnifying glass if you find this process finicky and have a hard time seeing what’s going on. If you feel or see the diamond moving, you should tighten the prongs.

Note that you shouldn’t push the diamond too hard while doing these tests. You could loosen the prongs even more or damage them if you force the diamond to move.

After you are done with testing and conclude the prongs need to be tightened, take the ring off and put it in a safe place where the diamond can’t fall out.

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Most Common Prong Repairs

When it comes to diamond setting repairs, the most common type is prong repair. That’s because prongs are relatively thin, small, and exposed to daily wear and tear.

Here are the three most common prong repairs:

1. Prong Tightening

Prongs are delicate metal pieces that hold the center stone in place. Because prongs can easily snag on clothes and towels, they tend to get loose over time.

That’s why prong tightening is among the most common repairs in diamond settings.

The diamond may fall out of the setting when loose prongs go unnoticed. It’s essential to tighten the prongs before it’s too late.

2. Prong Retipping

Even the best-crafted and strongest metal settings can’t withstand the pressure of wear and tear. At some point, the prongs will get worn out and won’t hold the diamond properly.

After prong tightening, re-tipping is the second most common repair. It’s a relatively straightforward repair process.

The jeweler re-tips the prongs by gluing a piece of metal to the worn-out prongs. The new metal piece is glued onto the setting with solder.

3. Prong Rebuilding

Prongs don’t just get loose or worn out, but they can also break off the setting. When this happens, the prong needs to be rebuilt again.

Repair is done by replacing the old prong with a new one. However, because the new one is made from a piece of wire that must be bonded with the setting, it won’t always look the same as the old prong.

Where Can You Get Your Diamond Ring Tightened?

When you notice the prongs on your diamond ring are loose, you should take off the ring, put it in a secure place, and re-tighten it.

While tightening the prongs can be done at home, it isn’t recommended. The DIY methods may not help you fix the prongs but do even more damage to them.

So, don’t risk experimenting and leave the prong tightening to the professionals. Most jewelers can help you with prong tightening. However, not all charge the same.

So, how much does it cost to tighten prongs on a diamond ring? Let’s find out.

How Much Does Diamond Prong Tightening Cost?

How much it will cost to get the prongs on your diamond ring tightened mostly depends on the jeweler, the number of prongs, and the shape of the diamond.

The price can be as low as $20, but some jewelers can charge up to a whopping $450.

If you aren’t careful, you could pay a ridiculously high price for prong tightening. Some jewelers assume you don’t know anything about prong tightening, so they try to get as much out of you as possible.

Interestingly, many people don’t question the high price and just pay whatever the jeweler asks for. Moreover, the jeweler may even convince you to re-tipping the prongs when they just need to be tightened, so be careful.

Don’t fall for these tricks, and don’t settle for high prices. Most likely, you’ll find the same service for a much lower price if you go to another jeweler.

Can You Get the Prongs Tightened for Free?

Some retailers offer prong tightening for free if the diamond ring is bought in their store. Moreover, you could also get the prongs tightened for free or get a discount if you’re a regular customer.

How Long Does It Take To Tighten Ring Prongs?

Well, tightening the prongs on a diamond ring is a straightforward process that usually doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll get your ring back in that time.

On average, it will take around one to three business days for the jeweler to tighten the prongs and give you the ring back. But, sometimes, you could wait up to 10 days to pick up your ring.

While some jewelers will offer to do the prong tightening in front of you, many will tell you to wait a few days. That’s mostly because they have many customers and a lot of repairs to do during the week.

How Often Should You Get Ring Prongs Tightened?

The prongs on your ring keep the diamond secure, so they should be inspected yearly. The jeweler will tighten the prongs if any are loose. Moreover, if they notice the prongs are worn out, they’ll also re-tip them.

Regular setting maintenance is key if you don’t want to risk losing your diamond. If you ever notice the prongs being loose, pay a visit to your local jeweler as soon as possible.

Is It Common for Diamonds to Fall Out of Rings?

Yes! It’s fairly common for diamonds to fall out of the ring setting. So, don’t think it’s a sign from the universe when the prongs get loose and the diamond falls out of your engagement ring.

Rings are subjected to more wear and tear than any other jewelry. That’s because you must use your hands for nearly every task, including washing dishes, folding clothes, cooking, etc.

It’s almost unavoidable not to snag or bump your ring onto something when using your hands.

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Minimize the Risk of Losing Your Diamond

Diamonds are most certainly one of your most prized possessions. Naturally, you don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

Here’s what you can do to minimize the risk of damaging and losing your diamond:

Know When to Take Off Your Diamond Ring

Almost every task you do throughout the day involves using your hand, meaning your diamond ring will suffer more than any other jewelry you have.

That’s why it’s essential to check it for damage or lose prongs at least once a week by yourself.

You don’t have to keep your diamond ring secured in the jewelry box all the time and wear it only for special occasions, but you also shouldn’t wear it all the time.

To keep your diamond ring a pristine condition, you should take it off while doing the following tasks:

Generally, you should take your diamond ring off while doing any house chores or tasks that could compromise the diamond ring’s integrity.

This will not only help prevent the prongs from getting loose, but you’ll also avoid damaging the diamond and germs building up in the setting.

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When prevention doesn’t help, insurance will.

Having your diamond ring insured is always an excellent choice. No matter how much you take care of your diamond, accidents happen.

There are many ways to insure your ring. Some insurance policies cover only damage, while others also cover the loss. With insurance, you’ll have a piece of mind because you’ll get financial protection when you need it the most.

So, don’t risk it and insure your diamond ring. You never know what distress life will throw at you.

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Prongs are delicate and vital parts of the diamond’s setting. They keep your diamond secure in the setting, so it doesn’t accidentally escape.

Because prongs on a diamond ring are subjected to daily wear and tear, it’s relatively common for them to get loose. Moreover, it’s no wonder prong tightening is among the most common repairs in diamond rings.

You can get the prongs on your diamond ring tightened by almost any jeweler, but not all will do it for the same price.

If you’re asking yourself, “How much does it cost to tighten prongs on a diamond ring?“, know that the price varies from jeweler to jeweler. Don’t be afraid to shop around for this service. The first deal isn’t always the best.

We hope you found this article interesting and that we’ve answered all your questions about diamond prongs.