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How Do You Find a Lost Diamond? Several Must-Know Key Steps

How Do You Find a Lost Diamond? Several Must-Know Key Steps

Accidents happen all the time, regardless of how observant and cautious we might be. This is especially true when we lose something small and precious to us, like a diamond! Whenever that happens, people quickly start to panic and lose all hope of retrieving it.

To answer the question of how do you find a lost diamond, it’s necessary to implement several key steps into your methodology. Without previously preparing your environment, it’s quite impossible to find a lost diamond.

What does it mean to prepare your environment? Is it better to start by looking at the most obvious place first? Should you ever consider using a vacuum cleaner instead of a conventional broom? How does the usefulness of the flashlight compare to ultra-violet light devices?

Retrieving a lost diamond isn’t an easy task. But, if you stick around until the very end of this article, you’ll undoubtedly enhance your chances of finding a lost diamond. So don’t hesitate and start scrolling!

Prepare Your Environment

Every once in a while, we come across an unfortunate event of losing something precious to us. Studies show that the two most frequently lost things are the cellphone and various pieces of jewelry. Whenever that occurs, people usually begin to panic immediately, resulting in further stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, in these situations, especially if you’ve lost a precious stone. You must stay calm at all times. Unnecessarily panicking will lower your chances of finding the diamond – so the first thing to remember is to stay calm at all times!

On the other hand, for all of you that have a hard time staying focused while a great amount of pressure is applied – here’s a quick tip:

Before you start searching for your lost diamond, it’s an excellent idea to play some music in the background. Aim to play your favorite songs that provide comfort regardless of the situation, as hearing your best-loved music will calm your nerves.

If you wish to heighten your chances even further, it’s best to light some fragrant candles of your choosing. There aren’t any specific fragrances that help with this situation, so buy the one that works best for you, as having fresh air will help a lot.

On top of that, always remember to open all of your windows so that you don’t lose breath during your searching operations. Most people neglect this step, resulting in a premature failure. We need a constant flow of fresh air even while resting, which proves how beneficial it is when we need to fully concentrate and work on something.

After you open most or all of your windows, it’s beneficial to raise the curtains. Relying on artificial light isn’t necessary if it’s daytime. On the contrary, the sun will provide much more support while you’re searching for your lost diamond.

In short, do whatever you think is best for you to achieve a calm state of mind, as searching for lost stuff is exceptionally difficult while being influenced by stress and anxiety. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the bread and butter of the topic:

Start By Searching The Obvious Places

Before you make your first step, we highly recommend that you make a plan where to look first.

Trying to look all over the place without focusing on a single spot at a time won’t help you much when searching for small objects like diamonds. You’ll need to narrow your point of view to one place at a time, as you’ll need to thoroughly search every possible place.

A common rule while searching for lost diamonds is to start somewhere where you have previously been. If you start by looking there, you must have an open mind and be prepared that the lost diamond might not be there.

Most people quickly lose hope when the lost diamond isn’t located somewhere where they believed it to be lost. As a result, they start to panic and slowly but surely start believing that the diamond will be lost forever.

Because of that, you need to act flexibly and according to all situations, as there is no guarantee that the diamond will be found in the most obvious place. Nonetheless, start by searching the most obvious places, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or toilet.

One of the best things to note while searching for a lost diamond is that diamonds never bounce once they land on the ground, regardless of how sturdy and flat the ground might be.

But, depending on where the diamond landed, there might be a slight possibility that it might have bounced a little bit. This occurs only if the diamond is embedded in a piece of jewelry, and if that piece of jewelry landed on the ground first.

Whether it’s gold, silver, or platinum – all metals will bounce somewhat, depending on the velocity of the free fall. So, if you’re searching for a lost diamond that’s embedded in a piece of jewelry, be prepared to look beyond the most obvious places.

Make sure to bypass all the locations where you have never been with the diamond. Most people don’t bring their diamond-embedded jewelry in the kitchen or toilet, as they are afraid that the diamond might get pushed down the sink or worse.

With that in mind, we highly recommend that you don’t wear your diamond jewelry in these places, as accidents happen all the time. On the contrary, if you do wear them all the time, then be prepared to search even in those places.

Depending on your habits, it’s best to look through your bags and purses. Most people tend to leave their precious diamonds in such objects whenever they need to commute to work or visit the grocery store. There’s a high chance that you have left it in your favorite bag or purse! But before you search for your lost diamonds in them, it’s crucial to remember the following:

Refrain yourself from opening the bag and tossing all of the stuff inside on your table, as the diamond might drop somewhere on the floor. An easy solution to this problem is to use a large towel and flatten it on your bed. After that, gently pour the stuff from your bag onto the towel and thoroughly search for your missing diamond.

On the off chance that the diamond isn’t located in one of the most obvious places, then you’ll need to proceed with the following:

Use Your Hands And Feet

Whenever you’re stuck in a situation where you need to search for your lost diamond, it’s best to start by looking at open areas on the ground. As you proceed to search, you must use your feet accordingly, as there’s a high chance that you might step on the diamond.

Because of that, you’ll need to take off your shoes and even socks, as they can prevent you from noticing a lost piece of jewelry even if you directly step on it. 

The accent here is to use your sense of touch, as you have surely become accustomed to the exact shape of your lost diamond. Even if you’re blindfolded, as soon as you touch the diamond, you’ll immediately know that the object in hand is, in fact, your precious stone!

As soon as you have finished observing every visible part of the room, you’ll need to start using your hands and feet to proceed with searching.

Once dropped, most small objects usually find themselves laying on the ground somewhere, especially under our furniture. So, when the time comes, you’ll need to start searching for your lost diamond on “all fours”.

Place your hand on the ground whenever you need to look under your furniture and use your hands and feet whenever you can while looking under the furniture. Don’t forget to double-check all of your carpets! Sometimes, diamonds get lost in people’s carpets, especially if they are thick.

In those situations, it’s necessary to be barefoot, as your sense of touch will come quite handy when dealing with your thick carpets. Most importantly, whenever you need to look somewhere where the lack of light is present, it’s imperative to have a flashlight, which brings us to:

A Flashlight Will Be Necessary!

Even if we use the shining sun to our advantage and even if we turn the lights on in the room where we’re looking for our lost diamond, there will still be certain locations where the sun and lights can reach.

Because of that, owning a flashlight is necessary, as it can help us out tremendously. We don’t have eyes adept at searching for stuff in the dark like certain animals, and yes, we’re talking about the furballs!

But, we can use the convenience of the flashlight to help us out with illuminating those hard-to-reach spots under the furniture. Just pointing at a diamond with a basic flashlight will provoke the diamond to start sparkling, which can help us out tremendously.

If you’re fortunate enough to own an ultraviolet source of light, it might be a better choice to use that instead of a conventional flashlight. These special sources of light will increase your chances of finding a lost diamond, as they will affect the diamond glow, forcing them to glow even brighter!

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Sweep Your Floor

Most of the time, whenever we lose a diamond, the quickest solution to finding it is to use the broom. This is especially the case for all people that live in houses without plenty of carpets.

Just remember, before you start bruising your hardwood floor, you must do it as gently as possible. There’s always a chance of you potentially pushing the diamond somewhere under the furniture, which can prove detrimental if you have already searched under said locations.

No one is a fan of doubling their work! Because of that, gently sweep the floor. It’s wise to use a broom that doesn’t have long brushes, as those long brushes can generate much more force when sweeping, resulting in the potential push of the lost diamond somewhere unwanted.

You might come across certain articles claiming that using a vacuum cleaner is the best solution, but we highly advise against it.

Even if you accidentally find the diamond by sucking it in, there’s a high possibility that you won’t even notice that, as vacuum cleaners tend to be quite loud. We suggest that you stay close to your conventional broom, as they are far more reliant.

Most of us don’t own just one broom – on the contrary, at least two or more brooms can be found in your usual home! Do you know what that means?

Call Your Friends!

If you have reliable friends in your life, then don’t hesitate to give them a call when searching for your lost diamonds! Just remember to buy some juice and food so that you can provide refreshments to them whenever necessary!

It’s always easier to find lost stuff with an extra pair of hands. You can even plan to position one person per room, which will buy your time sufficiently. As you’re searching for your lost diamond in the bedroom, your best friend can look in the kitchen, etc.

How Do You Find A Lost Diamond? To Sum Things Up

Diamonds are one of the most important precious stones found on our planet. Because of that, we need to take excellent care of them at all times. But, sometimes, accidents do occur and we lose them in the most random places in our homes.

So, to answer your question: “How do you find a lost diamond”, we need to dissect certain elements that are crucial for every diamond-searching journey:

  1. Preparing your environment is the first step. Try not to panic and do whatever you can to calm your nerves and lower your anxiety levels.
  2. Look for your diamonds in the most obvious places first. They are usually left in our bags or purses, so it’s highly recommended that you start there.
  3. Besides your vision, the sense of touch will be your number one friend during this process, so make sure to use both your hands and feet.
  4. A flashlight is an excellent tool that can help you out by providing light wherever the sunlight can’t reach.
  5. If you have an extra broom, don’t hesitate to call your friend! A pair of extra arms will be beneficial.

With that out of the way, we wish you the best of luck whenever you need to search for your lost diamond. Don’t lose hope – it’s hidden somewhere close!

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