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Can I Get A New Setting For Diamond?

Can I Get A New Setting For Diamond?

Diamond jewelry has become widely available in the last few years. It’s no longer something reserved only for the wealthy. Thanks to online shops, you can get your hands on a beautiful diamond without breaking your bank.

However, buying a new diamond isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes, the better solution is to turn something old into something new.

If you’re asking yourself “Can I get a new setting for diamond?” – The answer is Yes!

Resetting a diamond is a fantastic alternative to buying an entirely new piece of jewelry. Not only will you keep the sentimental value the diamond has for you, but your wallet will also thank you. A new diamond setting usually costs much less than buying a new stone.

Moreover, you can remodel your diamond ring, earrings, necklace, or some other piece of jewelry to make it look brand new.

There are many possibilities for redesigning your diamond, from just changing the setting to adding more stones. This article will cover everything you need to know about getting a new setting for your diamond.

Reasons To Get A New Setting

Deciding to reset your diamond can be challenging, especially if you have had it for a long time or if it’s a gift. If this piece of jewelry has a sentimental value to you, resetting it may seem wrong and even ungrateful.

However, you shouldn’t stick to a setting you don’t like because of guilty consciousness. Resetting a diamond is just an upgrade that will make the old shine like brand new.

There are many reasons why people decide on a new setting for their diamond. In this section, we’ll cover the most common ones.

Wear And Tear

Diamonds are durable and strong. However, they still suffer the consequences of wear and tear.

Usually, it’s not directly the diamond that gets damaged by time but the setting. The prongs could loosen up or even chip off. Depending on your setting, this can lead to losing the center diamond or the smaller stones surrounding it.

Losing a diamond, no matter how small, can be a real headache. Moreover, if you don’t have a warranty for the diamond, the jeweler won’t be able to replace it. You’ll have to buy a new stone.

So, if you’ve already lost some stones and the setting is badly damaged, you should consider resetting it.

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Many people decide to reset their engagement rings when celebrating anniversaries. Usually, it’s to mark a milestone like 10 or 25 years of a relationship.

It doesn’t have to be an engagement ring. It can be any kind of jewelry.

Maybe your partner bought you a necklace crowned with a tiny diamond years ago when you were at the beginning of your relationship. Over the years, you both have grown together and have successful careers. Resetting the necklace is an excellent way of celebrating your success.

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Make The Old New

While diamonds are timeless, the setting isn’t.

If you’ve inherited a diamond with an outdated setting and you aren’t the vintage type, resetting it may be the best choice.

While you may think that changing the style of an inherited piece of jewelry wouldn’t please your family or ancestors, it’s still better than not wearing it at all. There’s no point in having a beautiful diamond that collects dust or is hidden in the dark corner of a jewelry box.

Once you decide on a new setting for your diamond, you’ll be able to wear it every day so that it compliments your style. There’s nothing terrible about enhancing an antique piece to fit in the current day and age.

Letting Go Of The Past

Jewelry has sentimental value that isn’t always associated with good memories. It’s common for people to reset their jewelry after a divorce, end of a friendship, or when it reminds them of a wrong time in their lives.

Instead of reselling the diamond or hiding it away for no one to see, you should consider resetting it. A new setting will help you let go of the past but keep the good memories.

The new setting with the old stone can symbolize what you’ve been through and how much you have grown through the years. Don’t let memories hold you back from enjoying your beautiful diamond.

You Want A New Style

You don’t need a particular reason for resetting your diamond. Not loving the style of the setting anymore is reason enough to change it.

It doesn’t matter which piece of jewelry it was when you bought it or who bought it for you. If you don’t like it anymore and don’t wear it, it’s time to freshen up the design.

There are many possibilities for diamond resetting, meaning you can easily find something that will fit your fashion sense and match your character. You can get an existing design or make your own.

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Reasons Not To Get A New Setting

There are not many reasons why you shouldn’t get a new setting for your diamond. The main reasons most stay with the old setting are guilt or nostalgia. This is usually the case when the diamond is a gift from a dear person.

Resetting should be a joyful and exciting experience, like buying a diamond. So, resetting may not be the best choice if it brings up only negative emotions and you think you’ll feel guilty for doing it.

Maybe you’re not ready to let go of the past or think your family won’t be pleased with your decision. The reset can always wait, and you don’t have to rush it. Do it only once you’ve thought about it thoroughly and when you’re confident enough that it’s the right decision.

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How Much Does It Cost To Put Diamonds In A New Setting?

Resetting a diamond is relatively inexpensive compared to buying a new one. However, the price may get pretty high if you add more stones to the setting.

The labor cost for resetting a diamond is around $100-$500, depending on the diamond’s size. The final price is labor plus the material for the new design. If you want drastic changes, the bill could range up to $5000 or even more.

Many factors contribute to the final price of a new diamond setting, including:

When resetting your diamond, you can choose an existing style or design your own.


Pre-made settings are usually less expensive than customs. As the name suggests, the setting is already made, and the only thing left for the jeweler to do is place the diamond in it.

There are so many settings from which you can choose, meaning it’s almost impossible not to find something you like. However, a custom-made setting may be better if you want to add a personal touch.


Custom-made settings have a higher price because you also have to pay a premium for the design. Everything other, including material and labor cost, is the same as in pre-made settings.

You can develop a design on your own or let the jeweler help you with it. Usually, jewelers will create the design using CAD software. That’s because it’s a lot easier to make changes in the design than in a handcrafted model.

Where To Reset Your Diamond?

Resetting a diamond is a relatively straightforward process which is why most jewelers offer this service.

Unfortunately, not all jewelers will do the job equally well. You want to make sure the jeweler is of trust and has years of experience before entrusting them with resetting your diamond.

It’s not uncommon for jewelers to chip off the edge of a diamond during resetting. This is especially true for cuts like princess, marquise, pear, and emerald cuts because they have corners that are easy to shear off.

For this reason, most jewelers have insurance against stone damage and even loss while it’s in their possession. Moreover, you may have heard horror stories where the jeweler swapped a diamond for a less expensive one.

That’s why you also want insurance and a certificate for your diamond before resetting it. This way, you avoid getting scammed. If this isn’t enough guarantee, you can always ask the jeweler to be there while they reset the diamond.

Most jewelers care about reputation, meaning they’ll do an excellent job with the new diamond setting.

Nevertheless, you can never be too careful. A true professional will always have good reviews and recommendations. They’ll also most likely show you some of their previous work.

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Can You Reset Your Diamond By Any Jeweler?

This is tricky because it depends on your diamond and where you originally bought it.

If the jeweler thinks the diamond could easily get damaged during resetting, they might decline to do it. This is because they don’t want to spoil their hard-earned reputation. Even though they have insurance in case of damage to the stone, it doesn’t protect them from bad reviews.

Another reason a jeweler might decline a diamond reset is because it doesn’t pay off. New diamond settings are inexpensive compared to the prices of new jewelry. So, the jeweler will make only a tiny profit on resets.

Some jewelers would only provide you with a new diamond setting if you bought the previous one in their store. This is also because of the low-profit margin. However, they want to please their regular customers, so they provide the service only for them.

How Long Does A Diamond Reset Take?

The diamond reset process usually takes around three to six weeks. How long the process will take mostly depends on the jeweler and the design of the setting.

Custom and complicated designs with more stones will take much longer to be ready than a simple pre-made design. Knowing exactly what you want without any changes along the way will speed up the process. However, some waiting is unavoidable.

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How To Choose A New Setting?

If you’ve decided on getting a new setting for your diamond but aren’t sure about the design, we have you covered. In this section, we’ll talk about the most common upgrades for diamond settings and hope they inspire you to create your design.

Diamond Accents

Adding diamond accents on the side of the center stone is ideal if you want a subtle change. The smaller rocks will emphasize the look of the central stone and extra sparkle.

Diamond accents are stunning when there’s a strong contrast between the side and center stones. Combining fancy with colorless diamonds will bring out the best of both worlds.

The center stone will look clearer and shinier by placing a colorless diamond between two fancy colored ones. The same goes the other way around. A fancy diamond will look like it has a much stronger color when placed between two colorless diamonds.

More Diamonds

Sometimes, one diamond doesn’t achieve the effect you want, no matter how beautiful it is. Adding more diamonds to the setting will make any type of jewelry hard to miss.

How large the additional diamonds should be, depends on how much you want your diamond to stick out. If you’re going to emphasize the old diamond, you should introduce small or medium-sized diamonds to the setting.

However, you can also get stones the same size as your diamond but with a different color or cut. This will make your diamond stick out and attract attention.

Halo Setting

A halo setting is when the center stone is surrounded by a bunch of tiny stones, forming a halo around it. This is one of the most popular choices for resetting and enhancing the center stone.

The small diamonds will make the center stone look bigger, shinier, and clearer regardless of its clarity. A similar effect is achieved with a fancy diamond. The tiny stones in the halo formation around a colored diamond will bring out the beauty of its color.

Larger Center Stone

Buying a new gemstone may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a new setting for your diamond. After all, you want the old diamond to be part of the new setting.

But a larger center stone may be the ideal choice if you’re celebrating a significant achievement in your life or an anniversary.

You can resell the old diamond and buy a new bigger one for the setting you already have. Moreover, you can also get a larger center stone and incorporate the old stone into the new design.

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A new diamond setting can do wonders for you and the diamond. An old diamond in a new setting will look like a brand new piece of jewelry that perfectly fits your fashion sense. Moreover, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to buying a new diamond.

There are many options when it comes to the new diamond setting, so take your time when deciding. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design nor to ask for help from an experienced jeweler.

Have fun with designing as much as you would have fun buying a new diamond.

We hope this article answered your question “Can I Get A New Setting For Diamond?” and that it helped you develop your idea for the new diamond setting.