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Which Finger Is Best For Diamond Ring?

Which Finger Is Best For Diamond Ring?

After your significant other asks you that question, your first instinct might be to put that diamond engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand. This finger is usually referred to as “ring finger” because people usually stack engagement and wedding rings onto it.

While this is a common practice, it’s not the only option. So, Which finger is best for diamond ring? The wedding and engagement ring meaning and tradition are steeped in history and it changes among different cultures. Do you have to wear your diamond ring on your left hand or you can transfer it to the right hand?

This and similar questions are covered in this article so be sure to read until the end.

What Is The Proper Wedding Ring Finger?

If you’re unsure about what hand you should wear your diamond wedding ring on, we have good news for you – the choice is up to you, as with most wedding traditions. You might have heard the “vein of love” tale that leads most couples to wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their left hand.

However, you can separate an engagement ring from a wedding ring if you like to look at one ring alone. You can wear your rings on the right hand if you like, the choice is only up to you. 

While there’s no rule about wedding ring finger, there are some interesting reasons why couples usually choose the left hand, which we explained down below.

The Traditional Ring Finger Meaning

Wearing a wedding and/or engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is a romantic tradition – however, the meaning isn’t true at all. As you see, Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart. Therefore couples should wear the symbol of their love on that lifeline.

Although we love the story, we know that such a vein doesn’t exist, yet the tradition of wearing a wedding and engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand continues all around the world. 

There are some countries, however, where the ring finger of the right hand is more favored among brides and grooms to wear their rings, like Greece, Russia, And Columbia.

The Wedding Ring Finger Meaning

Wedding rings are a cute symbol of neverending love throughout history. The tradition of wedding rings came about 4800 years ago in Egypt. The circle symbolizes eternity, without beginning or the end. 

What most people don’t know, however, is that the hole in the center of the ring also has meaning. You see, it’s not just an empty space, but rather a door or gateway. When you give someone a ring it’s a sign of immortal love. 

Couples usually exchange rings during the wedding ceremony. After saying their vows, they place their rings on each other’s wedding ring fingers. As for deciding what hand does the wedding ring goes on, the choice is entirely up to you. 

While traditions are nice, etiquette rules have softened over the years.

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The Engagement Ring Finger Meaning

It wasn’t until recently that engagement rings popped up on the scene. The first known use of a diamond engagement ring happened in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy the ring featuring hogback diamonds arranged in the shame of the gothic letter M.

This engagement ring then sparked the trend for several more reasons. Diamonds have been an unwavering symbol of a couple’s unbreakable love and commitment to one another. 

As we all know, diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, making it the ideal choice to represent everlasting and enduring love and the promise for forever. In addition, no two diamonds are the same, each diamond is rare and unique, just as each couple’s love has its own unique story.

Still, diamonds aren’t the only gemstone you can put on an engagement ring. They can have other gemstones like blue sapphire, red ruby, and emerald. Other trendy choices are black diamonds, pearls, and moonstones. 

Which Finger Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On?

Most wearers dedicate their fourth finger on their left hand to the engagement ring. The engagement ring finger is typically known to be on the left hand since it’s become so mainstream. However, there aren’t any rules about ways on how you must wear your engagement ring. 

You can wear your ring on the other hand if it pleases you and it feels more comfortable – it’s your ring after all.

Which Finger Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring On?

If you’re looking at that sparkling ring and you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably asking yourself how will you wear your diamond engagement ring on your wedding day. 

The first interesting thing is that people usually wear their wedding rings closer to their hearts – meaning they wear them below the engagement ring.

In all likelihood, people just move their engagement ring to their right hand for when they walk down the aisle. That way a fiance can slide a wedding ring onto the left hand of their loved one. After that, they can just place their engagement ring on top of the wedding ring.

Generally, people have slightly larger ring sizes on the right hand, but as long as it’s within a quarter of the size this is going to work. If the engagement ring is too small or too big to do this, it’s perfectly fine to put your wedding ring above your diamond engagement ring.

Some people have their wedding ring soldered to the engagement ring – that way it becomes one piece of jewelry representing the marital bond.

After the wedding day, you can wear your wedding and engagement rings however you prefer the best. The most popular way is to have them both on your left hand’s fourth finger. Again, you can most certainly separate your rings, the choice is entirely up to you.

Many people wear their wedding rings solo as an excuse to star a collection of rings they can stack on their right hand. Some people are receiving more than one wedding ring on the wedding day to surround their engagement ring.

Another trend is forgoing the traditional engagement ring altogether and requesting a gorgeous diamond eternity band.

We would say that breaking engagement ring rules makes your choice more unique. While traditions are there, you can’t put rules on how an individual should wear their wedding and engagement rings.

Can You Wear Your Wedding Ring On Your Right Hand?

Your left hand doesn’t have to be reserved for your wedding ring. While tradition dictates the left ring finger to be the perfect option, modern trends allow us to choose how to wear our rings. It’s completely acceptable to wear your wedding ring or your diamond engagement ring on either hand. 

As the matter of fact, you don’t have to wear your ring at all – the choice is yours to make.

Meaning Of Wearing Rings On Different Fingers

Different cultures have different meanings related to each finger. Despite your wedding ring finger is traditionally on your left hand, some cultures wear wedding rings on the index finger of their right hand. 

Additionally, signet rings associated with marital status are worn on the pinky finger. Generally speaking, there are no rules when it comes to wearing your diamond engagement ring or wedding ring. You can choose whichever finger fits the best for your ring.

What Finger Does A Promise Ring Go On?

Unlike wedding and engagement rings, the promise ring is a tradition that dates back to the 16th century. This tradition is usually misunderstood as the ring was used to signify the promise of an engagement. Today, that’s not always the case, since some couples might not be ready for marriage, but they want to show their commitment in some way.

A promise ring can have a number of personal meanings, but usually, it’s the symbol of an exclusive relationship or love. Gifting the promise ring has been an age-old tradition, for couples that are in a steady relationship, symbolizing their love and commitment.

This ring can also mean that the couple has promised to get married one day. Some believe that promise rings are pre-engagement rings. Many times engagement rings invoke responses like “how did he propose?” and “when’s the date?”. 

A promise ring is a symbol that marriage is where hopefully the relationship is headed eventually when the couple is ready.

Astrology And Wearing Diamond Ring

According to Vedic Astrology, Diamond represents the strength of the planet Venus. It’s the direct representation of the strongest planets in our solar system, yet one of the calmest. Planet Venus also acts for womanhood – the main reason why the shine of diamond is correlated to women.

It’s also said that diamond represents the appearance and nature of a woman – the hardest substance on earth but also brittle. Diamond is an extremely effective and one of the most powerful gemstones for people who believe in astrology.

Ranking at levels with blue sapphire, yellow sapphire – diamond has its value in building people.

Diamond in Vedic Astrology is the symbol of strength, beauty, and femininity. Diamond depicts the very shine of womanhood. Venus is the planet is the symbol of beauty and splendor.

By wearing diamonds you bestow strength to your base and heal your mental issues. Diamonds restore your mental stability and provide you with mysterious stable strength. As the saying goes, diamond is forever. 

People who do business in apparel, jewelry, furnishing, and other creative fields should opt for diamonds as the planet Venus is the planet of creative strength. People that are in the graphic and film industry should also wear diamonds.

Apart from career sectors, Venus also helps in marriage. A person who has strong venus should wear diamonds for purposeful benefits. However, if Venus is weak in your horoscope, you should avoid wearing diamonds as they can flare things up.

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How To Wear A Diamond Astrologically?

The diamond should be purely white with fewer black spots on its side. The ring should be made out of gold or silver. 

Diamond doesn’t work without activation. If you don’t call for it, the diamond might not be effective. So for purification and activation, dip your diamond in, honey, milk, and pure water for about 30 minutes. Burn 5 incense sticks and chant “Om Shukuray Namah” at least 11 times.

Check the diamond’s effect on you by putting it beneath your pillow the night before you do the worshiping. If you sleep without any bad dreams, your diamond is good to go.

Diamond will give results within 30 days and will keep benefiting you for the next 5 years, after which the diamond becomes inactive and you should replace it.

According to astrology, the diamond should be worn on the middle finger or the small finger of the right hand. Men and women should both wear it like this.

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So, which finger is best for diamond ring?

There’s no fast and hard rule here. Some people use the same finger as the engagement and wedding rings which is the fourth finger of the left hand. Others opt for a different finger as the choice is purely theirs. 

If you wear your promise on tour left hand, the tradition is to move it to your right hand when you get married. According to astrology, the diamond ring should be worn on the middle or small finger of the right hand.

In the end, you are the one choosing which feels and fits the best on you, so don’t listen to what other people do and choose for yourself.

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