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Where To Buy Cheap Diamonds In The World?

Where To Buy Cheap Diamonds In The World?

No matter how hard we try to look the other way, the constant and unwavering evolution of price tags lately has skyrocketed. Will we ever find ourselves in a situation where precious stones are affordable to all people, regardless of their financial status?

The awareness in people needs to rise, as there are solutions to this problem. One of them can be found buried underneath our today’s topic – “Best country to buy diamonds: Where to buy cheap diamonds in the world?”

If we had to single out a country or two, we would have to say that the state of Belgium and the city of Dubai currently offer the best deals on diamonds. But there are others that deserve their place in the spotlight.

What makes the city of Dubai and the state of Belgium the best places to purchase diamonds – and at affordable prices, no less? Where exactly should you go to buy diamonds in Belgium? What are some other states – and cities – known for offering excellent price tags for diamonds?

If you wish to learn more about the previous topic, we highly suggest that you stick around until the end. If you do, you’ll learn more about where to buy cheap diamonds in the world!

Is It Possible To Save Some Money While Purchasing Diamonds?

Regardless of their financial status, people instinctively tend to save money whenever they are given the opportunity to do so. At our core, we are all conservative in one way or another. That situation becomes most apparent when we need to spend money:

Whether we’re buying mundane things or actual necessities, everyone will immediately search for the lower price tags. 

But what about diamonds? Are people generally interested in saving money while purchasing precious stones?

Despite what you might expect, people usually aren’t looking for less expensive diamonds while searching for engagement rings and the like. They generally know what they’re looking for – the money aspect isn’t as important to them, especially if they wish to propose to someone!

This phenomenon is probably quite odd to the diamond-making industry insiders since most of them know where and when to look for special deals on these precious stones. 

Unfortunately, people aren’t aware of these deals, and they continue to believe that diamonds have non-flexible price tags. Let’s disappoint – or rather, gently surprise – the masses: 

Although most diamonds worldwide do have a price tag that doesn’t change – there are some exemptions to that rule. Depending on our whereabouts and knowledge, you could generally search for and successfully find an excellent deal on diamonds.

But how is that possible? Aren’t all diamonds priced the same, regardless of where you buy them?

Without a doubt, it’s possible to save some money while purchasing diamonds – but only if you know where and when to look!

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Let’s clear the air on a few obvious things:

Most diamonds can only be purchased in jewelry shops. You probably have at least one within a three-mile radius. And as the human population continues to grow and time passes, the number of jewelry shops continues to increase.

This phenomenon is nothing new and is even more evident as the demand for diamonds keeps rising.

On a side note: If people continue to seek diamonds at this rate, there’s a possibility of running out of diamonds! If you wish to learn more about this potential diamond shortage, you can do so here: Will Diamonds Ever Run Out?. Our guide will provide the necessary information regarding that topic.

Back to the topic: We’re guaranteed to receive diamonds of the highest quality in jewelry shops. Be it small or big, round or rectangle – diamonds of all sizes and shapes are available in all corners of the world.

The main issue with most diamonds is their price. As of this moment, diamonds are in their most expensive era – costing up to $2000 for a single carat!

So, the first thing that we need to keep track of is how to pay less than $2000 for a single carat.

Most people attempt to bypass and lower that margin by purchasing diamonds in other places, avoiding official jewelry shops altogether. Although possible, we don’t recommend this option, as buying diamonds “in the streets” can prove extremely troublesome.

You might stumble on a genuine diamond once or twice. But the harsh reality is that most of those genuine diamonds are either stolen, blood diamonds, or don’t possess the necessary certification to support their “origin story.”

Others are blatantly fake. Cubic zirconia or artificial diamonds are used as a “scamming tool” every day. 

Due to such risks, we highly recommend that you stick to actual jewelry shops; they can always guarantee the legalities of their pieces of jewelry – especially diamonds.

So, where can we save money on diamonds and ensure that we’re buying the real deal, then?

If you’re lucky enough to live near some of these locations, you may even find an excellent deal today. And what if you’re far away but still wish to buy diamonds as soon as possible? 

Well, buckle your seatbelts and start your voyage!

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Let’s start with a destination that serves as one of the most important diamond centers in all of Europe. If you’re close enough to this country or fortunate enough to live there, we suggest you stay and read the following paragraphs.

Brussels might be the capital of Belgium – but when it comes to diamonds, the city of Antwerp is the main base of operation for the diamond-making industry in Belgium. 

We can still find low-priced diamonds in other cities, but the city of Antwerp should be your main “target.”

Did you know that the state of Belgium has over 1500 diamond companies and four-diamond bourses? The amount of diamond companies is astonishing – and that number will most likely continue to grow.

As far as the diamond bourses, having four stock exchanges that operate mainly with diamonds is quite a statement regarding how important diamonds are in this country. 

The government strictly regulates the diamond-making industry in Belgium, meaning that it’s impossible to find rogue and stolen diamonds on the market. All precious stones are labeled and checked when they enter the state of Belgium, regardless of how they came in.

What do we mean by that?

One of the main reasons Belgium is one of the most critical locations for diamond sales is its geopolitical location. Belgium shares borders with other highly-influential states – like France, Luxemburg, Germany, and the Netherlands.

On the other hand, the state of Belgium has access to the North Sea, which offers both import and export of diamonds via international waters. 

All that plays a vital role in why diamonds are cheaper in the state of Belgium.

There, you can find virtually any cut, shape, and color of diamonds. And if you’re willing to dig deeper, you might even stumble upon some extremely rare and precious diamonds that have their specific names and history documents!

So, whenever you think about buying a new ring, pair of earrings, or any other diamond – we recommend that you pay a visit to some of Belgium’s premium jewelry shops. 

All of them will offer diamonds that possess legitimate certificates of the highest degree – and will not be as expensive as in some other states.

One last note: 

We recommend that you only purchase loose diamonds here, as jewelry shops in the state of Belgium offer one of the best deals on loose diamonds. Stuff like engagement rings and other jewelry pieces will still be cheaper compared to other places – but not by a lot.

So, stick to regular loose diamonds, and then try to find an expert that can embed that diamond piece in your favorite accessory. It might seem more troublesome to do it like that, but when you do the math, the former situation is, by far, more cost-effective.

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Searching for a destination where you can take your time off, relax in the hot sun, bathe in clear water, and maybe purchase some cheap diamonds? 

There isn’t a better place to accomplish all of that in one sitting than the city of Dubai!

The Emirate of Dubai is the most famous in the United Arab Emirates. Lively nightlife scenes, modern architecture, and luxury shopping sites describe the most appealing aspects of Dubai.

Fortunately for you, you can venture to some of their local jewelry shops and find various types of diamonds that have relatively low price tags.

How is that possible? Aren’t prices in Dubai usually costly, even more so when diamonds are involved?

A common misconception regarding the city of Dubai is that it’s extremely expensive to go there on vacation, go to restaurants – or go shopping.

Let’s give light to the truth: Dubai is, in fact, a pretty affordable destination in the United Arab Emirates that can brag about its reasonable expenses – if you know where to look for them, that is!

Sure, for those with a deeper pocket, there are unimaginable luxuries in the form of apartments, food, and accessories. On the other hand, there is another side of Dubai that offers everything that we’ve previously mentioned – but at a more affordable price.

Here, we will mainly talk about diamonds, as diamonds are one of the most desired accessories that people usually wish to buy there.

What makes diamonds so cheap in the state of Dubai?

For starters, most diamonds are located in India. As their leading distributor, India has offered about 90% of all diamonds discovered globally. Statistically speaking, if you have precisely ten diamonds in your possession, there’s a high chance that nine of them were found on Indian soil!

So, where do most of these diamonds first venture once dug? 

They head straight to none other than the city of Dubai! Most diamonds make Dubai their first and final destination before entering the jewelry shops, as Dubai offers one of the most famous diamond-shopping districts.

The predecessors of the modern diamond-making industry were quite innovative when planning the logic behind this business strategy. 

You see, the leading issue with diamonds was figuring out how and where to transfer them with minimal costs, fast, and with high expectations for demand. 

So, the correlation between India and Dubai began, as they formed contracts to import colossal amounts of diamonds from India to Dubai. Depending on the contract, they had two choices: 

Either go there by land, which needs to cover Pakistan, Iran, and later a small portion of the Gulf of Oman, or only by the Gulf of Oman, which serves as the sea that divides Oman and Pakistan.

Either way, by traversing such a small portion of land – or water, respectively – the aspects such as shipping and retailer markup became pretty much nonexistent. 

The precious stones either went straight to the destination where they would be sold or needed to travel through only two different countries.

By removing the extra costs for shipping and retailer markup, the diamonds located in the city of Dubai can cost up to 50% less than usual! 

And as in Belgium, Dubai has strict executives that regulate all diamond trafficking, ensuring the entire process is legal.

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Other Countries

If you would like to look elsewhere or expand your knowledge about where you could expect to buy more diamonds with affordable price tags, then you might want to pay a visit to: 

  • France 
  • Switzerland 
  • New York 
  • Las Vegas 

All of them will offer you deals that will, undoubtedly, be more tempting than most other places in the world!

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Best Country To Buy Diamonds – Conclusion

Unfortunately, like all things in life, the topic of “best country to buy diamonds: where to buy cheap diamonds in the world” has reached its final stages. But before we leave, let’s examine the most important things once again:

  • Contrary to some beliefs, there are, indeed, several locations scattered throughout the world where we can purchase diamonds at a more reasonable price. The prominent two locations are Antwerp, Belgium, and Dubai.
  • Both Belgium and the United Arab Emirates have state-of-the-art laws that control many aspects of diamond trafficking. Under their jurisdictions, there isn’t a single diamond that doesn’t possess a certification containing essential information about its origin.
  • Most importantly, all diamonds within their borders are sold for far less, especially in the city of Dubai; there aren’t any additional shipping or retailer markup fees that customers need to pay.

With that out of the way, we can wrap up this whole discussion. Oh, and remember: The next time you wish to purchase some diamonds, pay a visit to one of these two countries!

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