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What Are Diamonds Used For Other Than Jewelry?

What Are Diamonds Used For Other Than Jewelry?

When you think of diamonds, the first thing that comes to your mind must be jewelry. It’s one of the most common uses of this gemstone – but it’s certainly not the only one.

Be honest: Have you ever wondered what are diamonds used for other than jewelry? 

You’d be surprised to find out that these precious gems can be used for several purposes – many of which have absolutely nothing to do with accessories.

So, keep scrolling. We’ll get into the topic of using diamonds for purposes other than jewelry to show how important these gemstones are.

Diamonds In The Auto Industry

The most extensive use of diamonds lies in the automotive industry. In addition to being a symbol of beauty and luxury, diamonds are made of a strong material that can withstand pressure.

You must be wondering, “How can diamonds be used in making cars?”. In this line of business, diamonds are a big deal, and they are used for:


Drilling with diamonds is an advanced method performed by professional contractors only. A precisely curved diamond is placed in the middle of the drill, making an accurate hole in the desired surface.

The advantage of this process is that a certain level of precision can be achieved, which is not possible with more traditional drilling methods. 

Drilling with diamonds requires more strength and a larger diamond.

These are complex machines, and their use involves high levels of heat and concentration by drilling contractors. During the process, water equipment is used to keep the engine from overheating and blowing up.

Diamonds used in drilling are industrial-grade diamonds and can be used for both vertical and horizontal drilling.


Diamond grinding is essential for finishing, flattering, and perfecting your product to make it more precise. Some of the advantages of using diamond grinding machines are:

  • Longer-lasting effect
  • Precision
  • Increased production rates
  • Superior balance
  • Low maintenance


As the name suggests, diamonds are widely used for polishing purposes. In particular, in the auto industry, contractors use diamonds for polishing uneven metal surfaces.

Contractors use granulated diamonds for polishing. The smaller the granules, the greater the chance of achieving a smooth and shiny surface.


Due to the sharpness that specific diamonds possess, they can often be used for cutting purposes. With diamonds, you can cut through metal and other hard materials. 

Of course, specialized machinery helps a lot in the process, too.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Diamonds In The Auto Industry?

One of the most significant advantages of using diamonds in the auto industry is that they can withstand high levels of heat. That confirms their prevalent use in grinding and cutting.

Diamonds have a hard structure that makes them more sustainable, meaning that they are a solid, water-resistant material that tolerates heat well.

Diamonds have very sharp edges, which helps a lot in achieving precision. Also, symmetry further contributes to achieving the desired effect.

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Diamonds & Health

Diamonds have a long history. People have believed that diamonds have powers for thousands of years, and they were determined to know more about them. There are even books that touch on the topic of diamonds as powerful objects.

These beliefs are not outdated, and even to this day, some people believe that diamonds are associated with health and high vibrations. How is that possible?

According to them, wearing a particular diamond brings health and mental benefits – and it usually depends on the color. Here’s what wearing different colors of diamonds means for your health:

  • Wearing a yellow diamond could help you be more thoughtful and considerate around other people. It’s suitable for people who are considered shy and tight-lipped.
  • Blue diamonds do wonders for your health. Wearing bracelets, necklaces, or earrings with a blue diamond will make you feel better and inspire you to take better care of your physical and mental health.
  • If you are an artist or just want to be more creative in what you do, try wearing a pink diamond around your neck. Many painters choose to wear pink diamond jewelry to get inspiration for their work.
  • While one might think that wearing a black diamond is bad for your health, it’s quite the opposite. Wearing a black diamond brings you courage and inner cleansing.

Diamonds Bring Good Vibes?

We know how this can sound to someone who doesn’t see another purpose for a diamond other than jewelry. However, more people are relying on the vibrations brought by diamonds.

Presently, a lot of people are claiming that diamonds are responsible for their “good vibes.” If you’re not familiar with this topic and want to know more about the traits, here are some of the benefits of so-called diamond vibes:

  • Good diamond vibes are directly related to the planet Venus.
  • Diamonds are associated with nature and are therefore in connection with honesty, harmony, and love.
  • Some diamonds help to preserve value and genuineness.
  • People believe that wearing a diamond brings happiness and reduces the chances of financial loss.
  • Many artists, such as musicians, painters, and sculptors, rely on the power of diamonds to inspire them.
  • According to ancient beliefs, diamonds significantly improve your mental and physical health if you wear them regularly.
  • Specific diamonds can even help you achieve peace of mind. Some therapists even recommend this.
  • Diamond vibes have a positive effect on motivation.
  • All around the world, there are cultures that believe that diamonds have healing powers and use them to cure heart diseases.

Diamonds In Beauty Products

Diamonds have expanded their use and are often present in the beauty industry. Yes, it all started when Mila Kunis announced her diamond facial around 2007. From that moment, the beauty industry has continued to use diamonds in various products extensively.

In this business, diamonds are viewed as an exfoliator that positively reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process. After all, that’s what women want most, right?

If you are a woman and are reading this article, pay close attention to the list of the following cosmetic products. They contain diamonds, and you may have even seen them at your local beauty store.

Diamond Lifting Mask

Lately, facial masks have become increasingly popular. Many women – and men – use these masks to refresh. These products are characterized by hyaluronic acid and diamond powder, found in small quantities in each mask sheet.

Eye Maks

In addition to the hydrating masks we use to refresh our faces, you can see more eye masks containing diamond extracts lately, too. The diamond dust mixed with other minerals is supposed to prevent the formation of dark circles and wrinkles.

Body Wash

One of the most famous brands for bathing and body care, Nivea, uses diamond powder in its products. One of them is Care and Sparkle Moisturizing Body Wash. The advantage of bathing with this product is greater skin hydration.

Face Highlighter

For a more significant effect of blush and shine on the cheeks, most beauty companies opt for the use of diamonds in their products. Today, you can find diamond dust in highlighters, for example.  

Facial Peels

The use of diamond dust in facial peels has been shown to be effective, too. Diamond-based facial peels turned out to be beneficial in improving certain enzymes. 

Also, along with other acids, it helps the skin to be shinier and stay hydrated.

Neck and Décolleté

People often neglect the neck area when it comes to skincare. Few people even know that there is a moisturizing mask created just for these purposes. Once again, the secret lies in diamond dust. 

It improves skin hydration and encourages blood flow. If you haven’t by now, the next time you’re looking for high-quality beauty products, take a look at those that have diamond extracts in them.

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Diamonds In Culture

In addition to their massive use in the industry and the fact that they are in many different beauty products today, diamonds have played significant roles in human culture, too. 

People have been tying diamonds to important rituals for thousands of years and believed these gemstones are next-level unique.

Greek Mythology 

Diamonds were highly valued in ancient times. According to legends, these gemstones were widely used in Greek mythology.

For example, Plato was so fascinated by these precious stones that he wrote many works about them. According to him, diamonds are celestial spirits that lived within these stones.

Such claims only added to the mysticism and magic that was already associated with diamonds. During one period, people were so fascinated by diamonds that they believed they were tears from God. 

People in villages even created entire rituals.

In addition to being Godly figures, diamonds were used in battle. When it was time for battle, Greek warriors equipped their shields with various diamonds. 

According to the legend, it was believed that they would protect them from injury and even death.

Medieval Ages

Many famous stories regarding diamonds date back to the Middle Ages and are tied to England. 

In the 5th century, the English called diamonds “scribbling rings” because many lovers and suitors used these diamonds to engrave initials of the women they were courting. How romantic!

Medieval Ages are famous for various rituals, one of them being witchcraft. During this time, people believed in witches and did strange things to protect themselves. 

One of the precautions was to wear diamonds around their neck. 

According to experts (fortune-tellers) at the time, a powerful diamond would protect you from both a witch and a poison.

Also, when a person became seriously ill, village doctors (without real experience) would make all kinds of potions with various herbs and pieces of diamonds mixed in them.

Before women started wearing diamonds as protection from witches and poison, only men were adorned with this jewelry. Of course, the exceptions were Kings and Queens.

But not all countries followed this rule.

In the 13th century, King Louis IX was so strict about this rule that he banned women from wearing diamonds. Unlike some other countries, in France, this also applied to Queens.

Thankfully, things changed, and soon a vast majority of French aristocracy were dressed from head to toe in precious jewelry.

First Traces In India

Some argue that diamonds originate from India, and for a certain period, you could only find diamonds on the territory of this country. Somewhere around 300 BC, the first signs of diamonds were mentioned in Sanskrit. 

The name of these so-called diamonds was “Vajarar,” which meant “thunderbolt” and was associated with the Indian God of thunder and rain – Indra.

Diamonds were an essential part of Indian culture. In ancient times, some people dealt with diamonds professionally, and they were called Mandalins. Once they were discovered, people soon began to worship them.

As in many other cultures, people believed that diamonds had magical properties. In some parts of India, people even thought that keeping diamonds in their homes would save them from any sort of evil spirits, disease, and death.

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Final Thoughts

So far, you have been able to learn many essential things about diamonds. They had some uncommon roles in the past, that’s for sure.

In terms of what are diamonds used for other than jewelry, the answer is – more things than you could imagine!

Could you have guessed that diamonds are widely used in the auto industry? In addition to being beautiful jewelry, diamonds can be used for cutting, grinding, and drilling.

It is one thing to wear diamonds as jewelry, but it’s quite another to include diamond dust in beauty products. 

Many of today’s well-known companies include this precious stone in their products. If you look closely at your cosmetics’ ingredients, you might come across a face mask or a powder that contains diamond extracts.

In addition to their enormous use in the industry, people believe they are magical and can bring good vibes. For thousands of years, cultures were fascinated by these gemstones. Some have even developed rituals that included potions made from diamonds.

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