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James Allen Reviews: CaratCraze Team On James Allen Rings

James Allen Reviews: CaratCraze Team On James Allen Rings

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The Compelling Truth About A Revolutionary Diamond Store

The diamond world is vast, and to people outside it – it may not seem like much. But the truth is, the world of diamonds is a world of its own.

Revolutionary discoveries, dramas, and tectonic revelations that change the way we buy and sell diamonds, all in the meanwhile changing the way diamonds impact our life.

From when diamonds first came to the Western world until today, there have been a few revolutionary ideas and steps that completely changed the diamond world.

James Allen is a company that can pride itself on one of those revolutionary steps, and for a good reason. “What is that reason?” you might ask.

Well, a James Allen diamond is not primarily known for its sparkle or shine (although their diamonds are of exceptional quality), but for one very interesting fact – you can buy it online.

A few decades back, it was an unthinkable concept that you could buy an engagement ring over the internet, and James Allen proved the world otherwise.

Here, you’ll find detailed reviews of James Allen company and their product and what credible sources have to say about this revolutionary business.

Without any further postponement, let’s dive right in!

Disclosure: This page contains references to diamonds or engagement rings from James Allen. We are reader-supported. Buying through links on our site may earn us commissions. Learn More.

Online Diamond Sales

As we’ve said, selling diamonds online is a new concept that makes people doubt the validity of the product. But, are there any real grounds for that kind of presumption?

Well, people haven’t gotten used to paying for things online that cost large sums of money, and that’s the root of skepticism towards brands such as James Allen.

While all that may seem like a reasonable point of view, is there a legitimate reason to think about stores like James Allen in such a manner? We highly doubt it, and shortly – you’ll see why.

Nowadays, people buy supercars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars online without batting an eye. So why shouldn’t you consider purchasing a diamond via an online store?

CaratCraze Team On James Allen Diamond Store

CaratCraze has a vast team of professionals that specialize in different fields regarding all things diamond. Here, you’ll find their thoughts about the James Allen diamond store and their professional insights from their respective angles.

These people have spent decades in the diamond industry, and their insight is based on pure fact-based research, experience, and the long-lasting customer relationships we’ve built over the years.

Here’s what our CaratCraze team has to say about the topic of the day:

James D. Harrington – Founder of CaratCraze & Editor-in-chief

First, we asked our founder and editor-in-chief a few crucial questions about James Allen.

The first question was about online diamond stores and what he thinks of them.

“In today’s environment where diamonds need to be certified in order to be sold online, there’s no reason to worry about validity and authenticity, and that’s what bothers people the most.”

Then, we asked him what he thought of the James Allen online diamond store.

“James Allen made a revolution in the diamond industry. The fact that you can inspect a diamond without even being near it through their 3D diamond models is incredible. The dedication this kind of service requires makes James Allen one of the leading diamond sellers in the world.”

These constatations were quite similar to those we encountered on other websites hosting people’s opinions on this jewelry brand. A 3D revolution in the diamond industry is once in a lifetime experience, and it’s worth living through it. That’s why it’s so popular – to put it in simple terms: it has that WOW factor.

Then we asked James what he thought about their offers.

“The fact that they’re sticking to basics by exclusively selling engagement rings and loose diamonds shows that Oded Edelman (Chief Digital Innovation Advisor of Signet) knows what his company is good at and sticking with it. The absence of greed is what’s responsible for James Allen diamonds being so popular.”

He also said:

“The executive leadership in James Allen really shows you what a hands-on leadership model can grow into. Also, a huge part of why diamonds from James Allen are as popular as they are is the fact that they don’t go into spheres they haven’t mastered yet. No risky moves, no bold dives head-first.”

We also asked James what he thinks about their policies. He said the following:

“The overwhelming majority of their policies are on a level of their own. From the fact that they’re ready to match the price of another retailer for the same diamond to one of the best customer support services in the world. 99% of the things they implement are phenomenal. However, I have to say that the fact that there’s no free international return shipping is a bit concerning. They’ve semi-closed their doors to the European market, which is a shame.”

And this is true! James Allen policies are famous for offering a 30-day no questions asked return policy and many others that make your online diamond shopping experience feel so prestigious.

Lastly, we asked our founder what he thinks of the diamonds’ quality on the James Allen website.

He said: “The whole diamond industry is based on a variety of choices. You have to be able to choose in order to get what you want, and that’s what James Allen provides. And I don’t just mean cuts and sizes, you can also choose between natural and lab-grown diamonds, which is a phenomenal saving option.”

Gloria Y. – Editor & Diamond Mining Specialist

Much like our Founder, Gloria has been in the diamond industry for a long period of time. She has seen a lot of diamonds and diamond jewelry, from the moment they’re excavated to the point where they’re sold.

We asked Gloria what her thoughts were on the James Allen diamond company.

“It’s one of the most revolutionary companies in the diamond business. They modernized the production and the selling process, which raised the bar quite a bit. But, they have their pros and cons, as all companies do.”

Gloria said the following about the ethical ways of mining diamonds, and James Allen in that regard:

“For a diamond to be beautiful, it first needs to be ethical. No unethical or blood diamond can be beautiful, and that has become the world standard. Leaders of James Allen didn’t lose this out of sight for a moment. All of their diamonds are ethically mined or produced, which is a good start.”

James Allen offers around 500,000 ethically mined and around 40,000 ethically lab-grown diamonds on their website. This makes their inventory one of the largest in the world. Such a large amount of diamonds is hard to track, but there hasn’t been one case of James Allen selling an unethically mined or made diamond.

Besides that, all of their diamonds are verified by either GIA, AGS, or IGI, which is a testament to their diamonds’ legitimacy.

We also asked Gloria what she thinks about the roots of the popularity that James Allen enjoys.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Well, first of all, they’ve popularized buying diamonds online. Then, they legitimized it and then revolutionized it with their 360° 3D diamond view. It’s a formula that was bound to bring success, and with a little patience, it did.”

The fact that you can see the ring or the diamond in a 360° view while the diamond is not in the near vicinity of you is quite fascinating, and it managed to help people overcome their biggest doubts when buying diamonds online.

Diamonds and diamond rings are forever, and when you’re buying one – you want to make sure that’s the exact product that you want.

Dalila W. – Author & Diamond Testing Expert

As you’ve probably concluded from Dalila’s previous articles on our websites, she approaches topics related to diamond testing and authenticity with great care.

After all, that’s her field of expertise.

So, we asked her what she thinks about James Allen diamonds regarding their authenticity.

Here’s what she had to say:

“The authenticity of the diamonds from the James Allen website shouldn’t be questioned at all. They’ve done so many things to ensure their customers that the diamonds they’re looking at on the website are the exact ones that’ll arrive at their doorstep. From certification to the lifetime warranty James Allen offers for their diamonds – every system in place is there to assure the consumer that the diamonds are authentic.”

And this is true. James Allen started from a company called “DirtCheapDiamonds” in 1998, and from that moment forward, their mission has been to provide their customers with authentic but reasonably-priced diamonds.

We also asked Dalila what she thinks about additional testing of James Allen diamonds. On that note, she told us the following:

“It’s always a good idea to test diamonds, no matter where they come from. Diamond testing is simple in many terms, and a quick thermal conductivity or electrical conductivity test takes minutes to execute but gives you that extra sense of reliability and safety.”

And she’s right. If you’re at all interested in how diamond testers work, you can check out our article here.

Generally speaking, if you have a GIA or any other above-mentioned certificate for a diamond, testing it with a diamond tester may seem like overdoing it, but that’s all right- it doesn’t cost anything, and it’ll give you that extra peace of mind.

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Since James Allen offers both natural and lab-grown diamonds, we asked Dalila if there is any point in fearing that you’ll get a lab-grown diamond when ordering a natural diamond.

“No, absolutely not. Lab-grown diamonds are sold separately from naturally excavated diamonds for a reason. A company as big as James Allen wouldn’t dabble in such a scam. I understand why people fear this scenario – James Allen diamonds are quite cheaper than diamonds in your regular walk-in jewelry store, but that doesn’t mean that they’re lab-made. The only problem is that you have absolutely no resources that you can put into finding whether your diamond was lab-grown or natural. But, if something fishy was going on, I’m sure that James Allen would be out of business in no time.”

These words really paint the picture of trust and reliability in the company we’re talking about here, but is that all true?

Well, when James Allen (previously DirtCheapDiamonds) was introduced to the market, there were some speculations that their prices were as low as they are because they were selling lab-grown diamonds.
But, the diamond industry is so closely monitored that there’s no way that they would be able to sell lab-grown diamonds that are naturally excavated for over 20 years.

Martin G. – Author & Cut Expert

Martin has chosen a very specific niche to specialize in when it comes to diamonds. Diamond cuts and their characteristics are very important to customers, and the quality of said characteristics is even more crucial.

We asked Martin about James Allen’s diamond cut and quality, and here’s what he had to say:

“The fact that they’re as transparent about their diamonds as they are, and taking into consideration which certificates you’re getting for your diamonds, there isn’t any real reason to be worried.”

Further, this is what Martin had to say about their diamond offer:

“The diamond offer on James Allen’s website is vast, they offer somewhere around half a million natural diamonds, plus they offer close to 50,000 lab-grown diamonds. Between these numbers, there are diamonds of all cuts, sizes, and clarity ratings which is amazing in the sense that there’s something for everybody.”

And that is true. In the vast sea of diamonds such as the one found on the James Allen website, there’s something for everybody.

They’ve gone as far as to expand their offer to pendants, anniversary rings, tennis bracelets, diamond studs, and many other different pieces of diamond jewelry.

Their competition has similar offers but nowhere near as vast as James Allen. The Blue Nile and Ritani are some of the most famous online diamond retailers and are often compared to James Allen.

But is there something that separates these two from James Allen? When we take into consideration the UI of the websites and the simplicity of the ordering process, there are some speculations that Ritani has the best and simplest website.

But the fact that James Allen had the 360° view of the diamond trumps all other debates. A revolutionary feature such as this one is what sets James Allen’s website from all others.

Lastly, we asked Martin what he thinks of the loose diamond sold on the James Allen website.

“Over 10 different shapes are available, as far as the loose diamonds go. This may not seem much, but that’s an ideal number of choices. If you ask me, I’d have around 15 different loose diamond types, but 10 is a wide enough number.”

Donovan K. – Author & Diamond Dealer

Diamond dealing and dabbling are where Donovan made his name. That’s why we saved him for last. He’s a long-time follower of James Allen and had a lot to say about them.

We asked him what his general train of thought when it comes to online diamond selling and James Allen, in particular.

Here’s his answer:

“James Allen revolutionized the way people get diamonds. For years, people have come to jewelry stores or diamond dealers and carefully picked out diamonds that they wanted. Nowadays, it’s just a few clicks away from arriving on your doorstep.”

Further, we asked Donovan how he felt about that.

“For an average consumer, it’s a phenomenal deal. They choose diamonds from the comfort of their home without batting an eye. Then, it comes to their doorstep, and it’s exactly how they wanted it. Plus, it’s much cheaper than going into a jewelry store and getting a diamond. But, for the people on the other side of this bargain, it’s the beginning of the end.”

“People have carefully built trust with their customers over the years, and this profession has a long history. But now, it’s all simplified – but that’s how things are with the majority of subjects these days. In the end, it’s all about the consumer and not the seller. But my years in diamond dealing have taught me one thing – buying a diamond isn’t just a strict purchase, it’s an experience, and that’s what’s going to get lost in the digitalization.”

Getting the perspective of a person who’s been in the diamond business for as long as Donovan is is quite important, and much like you – we did not expect this answer.

But, when you think about Donovan’s perspective, there is some truth in it. The diamond dealing business was somewhat of a closed community that hasn’t been as available to the “outsiders” as it is not, and James Allen and their online diamond store have been the doors that lead many people to buy diamonds.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary – it’s an amazing thing. In the early 1900s, people started to buy diamonds for themselves, and that’s exactly what popularized diamond rings and other types of jewelry for the wider masses.

Then, we asked Donovan what his predictions for the diamond retail world were.

“It’s quite hard to say.” He said. “Not many people have correctly predicted the future of the diamond market. But, one thing is for sure. More people will buy diamonds, and because of that, diamonds will be less available, and that’ll drive the price of diamonds off the charts.”

We’ve then asked Donovan what his thoughts are about the problems that James Allen needs to solve to offer a better service.

Here are his thoughts:

“There are a few things that James Allen can do to improve their business. First of all, they need to implement a reservation policy. As of today, you can’t make a reservation for a diamond, meaning if you find the diamond you like, in the time that you need to check with your bank whether you can afford it or not, it can be sold. The reservation period doesn’t have to be long. 24 or even 12 hours can be enough for most people.”

He further had to say:

“Shipping isn’t handled as well as it could be. A big problem with online shopping is the waiting period. Now, imagine how long it can take to properly package and mail a diamond, or a diamond ring for that matter.”

And we agree with Donovan. The first problem with shipping we mentioned a bit earlier in the text, and that’s the fact that there’s no free international return shipping. The other is the overwhelming number of online reviews that tell the same story – it takes a long time to get here.

Finally, we asked Donovan what he thinks of first when you say “James Allen”, and here’s his answer.

“That’s easy. I think of True Hearts. TRUE HEARTS™ is a collection of James Allen’s hearts and arrows diamonds. And that’s not all, they’re all super ideal diamonds.”

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Online James Allen Reviews

Now that we’ve seen what the members of our editorial team think of James Allen, it’s time to go to an even more unbiased place – the internet.

On the internet, there are certain credible websites that host people’s reviews and overall opinions about a brand. One of the most credible, if not the most credible, websites in this matter is Trustpilot.

James Allen is one of the rare stores that have over a thousand reviews on this website, and all that makes the overall score of 4,2/5 rating. It’s also worth mentioning that James Allen is a verified company on Trustpilot, which is a huge thing.

An overwhelming 77% of reviews were a 5☆ review. This tells a story of its own, but now let’s take a look at some of the most memorable reviews.

The title of the first review we’re going to take a look at is “It doesn’t get better than this.”, and it says:


“This is the ultimate online buying experience. The website was easy to navigate. The support was absolutely superb. All of my rings, I bought three, were immaculately put together, and my wife-to-be was astounded. I cannot say enough about their support. I got updates on progress all the way through delivery. Other online companies should take notice of how well the website and support operations combined for this type of buying experience.”

This comment had a nice round note to it. They covered everything – from the product and shipping to customer support.

The second good review about James Allen says:


“I live in New Zealand and was a bit worried buying something so important online. However, James Allen was able to provide me with the capability to build exactly what I wanted and get the price without having to talk to anyone; it’s super convenient. Also, their lifetime warranty and free resizing relieves a lot of stress if you muck something up. I would definitely recommend James Allen.”

This outtake is quite important for people that are reading this outside the US. New Zealand is quite far away(almost 7,800 miles apart), and it’s quite a good representation of a foreigner ordering something from James Allen.

The third and our final option for a reassuring comment about James Allen is:


“Using James Allen for our custom wedding rings was a simple process, and we ended up with the rings of our dreams. The certificate of authenticity and the warranties offered peace of mind with such an important purchase. I would recommend James Allen jewelry.”

Now, we know no company on earth is all sunshine and rainbows. So let’s take a look at some comments that were made by people that were displeased with James Allen.

But before we get into that, we have to give props to James Allen Rings (their official name on the website) for replying to every “negative” comment that we’ve seen.

Having said that, the first comment with improvement recommendations says:


“The ring is absolutely beautiful, I get so many compliments, and I adore it! Where they lack is their customer service… I tried to talk to them three times and each time they were cold and rude… I’d rather spend more for a proper experience.”

Now, this comment is quite interesting, as it highlights the things the customer was pleased with, but it also tells us what went wrong in this customer’s experience. The fact that James Allen prides itself on excellent customer support makes this even more of an interesting comment.

The second comment with suggestions for improvement said:


“Ordered my ring and thought everything was fine. It bounced back and forth between production and quality assurance for a week before finally being shipped. Once shipped, I noticed they sent it to Singapore (I live in Canada). Contacted them right away, and they were more rude about it than thankful I caught their mistake.”

The swift team at James Allen responded and assured they’d help the customer locate their shipment. They also wrote that every product is ensured while shipping, so there’s no need to worry about extra costs. This is an amazing way of responding in a situation like this, and it shows the customer that despite their poor first experience, there’s still a will to improve.

The final comment issued by an unhappy customer said:


“So disappointed. I wanted to buy a diamond for my 25th anniversary, and my order kept being delayed. Heather, no last name, the online supervisor basically said shut up and wait. This was a terrible experience. I am buying a product that costs more than a car, and all I want is the product for the advertised price, and they can’t deliver. Worst of all, no firm delivery date offered.”

This is a comment that doesn’t say much about the quality of service. It’s another unhappy customer with a bad customer support experience.

The good thing is that James Allen, through their official account on the website, is informing people that they can get in touch with their supervisors and file a complaint with the customer support representative that they were speaking to.

This is a good system, but it seems that many people don’t know about it. That means that the majority of people that have a bad experience with customer support don’t know that there is a system in place to protect them from that.

We see from these comments that there are a few problems you might run into while shopping on James Allen’s website. But is it worth the risk?


Now that you’ve seen what every member of our editorial team has to say about James Allen and saw the comments of ordinary people about their experience with this company – it’s time to sum up.

James Allen is a company that revolutionized the diamond industry. They’ve offered a few new options on their website that completely changed the game of online diamond selling and diamond selling in general.

Generally speaking, the majority of people enjoy what James Allen has to offer. Over 75% of people felt confident in rating James Allen with a five-star rating on Trustpilot, which is quite an accomplishment.

There were, as expected, some people with negative experiences, but that’s only natural.

Now, let’s answer the most important question – is it worth the risk? Well, if these James Allen detailed reviews are to believe, the answer is yes.

If you’re looking to buy a diamond or a diamond ring, or almost any diamond jewelry for that matter, James Allen is definitely, at least, a dealer to consider.

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This lovely engagement ring has a band with a knife edge for added visual interest. The 14K rose gold ring has six scalloped claw prongs that are customized to fit any diamond you choose for your engagement ring.

White Gold Classic Round Shape Three Stone Engagement Ring

A center diamond is showcased with a smaller diamond on each side in this classic engagement ring. It has an aesthetically pleasing cross-prong design and a rounded 14K white gold band.

Yellow Gold Embellished Gallery Pavé Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Glamour abounds with this shimmery diamond engagement ring. With a 14K yellow gold band that’s lined with diamonds on each side, the ring centers a diamond or gemstone in a custom-designed halo of smaller diamonds.

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