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Diamond Grillz: Everything You Need to Know

Diamond Grillz: Everything You Need to Know

In the 90s, diamond grillz were considered only part of hip-hop culture. In combination with baggy clothes, big rings, and gold chains, diamond grillz became a new way for rappers to express themselves.

The popularity of diamond grillz slowly started to rise in the early 2000s. More and more celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Brooke Hogan, that weren’t a part of the hip-hop community, started showing off their grillz.

However, it wasn’t until 2010 that these mouthpieces became a part of mainstream culture. Lady Gaga, Post Melone, Eric Baldose, Lil Peep, and the Kardashian family are only a few celebrities who popularized wearing grillz.

As of 2022, the popularity of iced-out teeth has come to stagnation. To a large part, this has to do with their entrance into the mainstream community. Diamond grillz aren’t a new and innovative way of expression anymore, so many are seeking alternatives.

However, they’re still immensely popular among celebrities, influencers, and even ordinary people. If you want to know more about iced grillz keep reading. This article will cover everything you need to know about diamond grillz.

We’ll also cover some little-known but fascinating facts about diamond grillz, so stay tuned.

What Are Diamond Grillz?

Diamond grillz are dental covers in the form of jewelry.

Grillz can be made from various metals, but gold, white gold, and silver are the most popular choices. Often grillz are decorated with diamonds to add bling to the smile.

There are two types of grillz, permanent and removable.

The more favored choice is the removable ones because you can take them off anytime and switch if you have multiple. Permanent grillz are glued onto the teeth, which most people consider a turn-off.

Diamond grillz come in more than one design, so let’s get to know some of them.


This type of grill covers each tooth separately. In most cases, they’re made from gold. This grillz can be encrusted with diamonds in various ways, from icing out the whole gold tooth to engraving the diamonds so that they form a letter.

Flats are the best option for those who want each of their teeth to be visible separately.

French Tip

When someone has a french tip, their grillz are covered with diamonds only at the top near the dental gums. These covers usually go over the front teeth, and the decorated ones are on edge.

Openface And Tear Drop

Among all the dental jewelry designs, these are the most interesting ones. Openface grillz leave the two front teeth open, while those on the edges are covered in diamonds. Because they create a window for the front teeth to be visible, they are sometimes referred to as window designs.

A teardrop design is when the tooth is framed with a gold cover that extends to the middle of the tooth, forming a teardrop shape. In the center of the teardrop shape is usually a diamond that completes the whole design.


Honeycomb is the most popular design. Usually, the dental cover covers all the teeth, while the tiny diamonds are engraved into the gold, creating a honeycomb shape. If you’ve seen Lil Wayne, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

How Much Do Diamond Grillz Cost?

The price of a diamond grill depends on how many teeth the grill will cover and what clarity grade the diamonds are. The average price per tooth is around $900-$2500.

Diamond Clarity Chart

The clarity grade of a diamond is nothing more than an indicator of how many inclusions the diamond has. More inclusions mean the price of the diamond goes down and the other way around.

When we apply the diamond clarity chart to diamond grillz, we get the following prices:

Clarity GradePrice Per Tooth
IFInternally FlawlessN/A
VVS1, VVS2Very Very Slightly Included$2,235
VS1, VS2Very Slightly Included$1,265
SI1, SI2Slightly Included$925
I1, I2, I3IncludedN/A

FL and IF grade diamonds make only a tiny percentage of all diamonds, so they’re rarely used in diamond grillz. Diamonds with a bunch of inclusions aren’t popular either because everyone wants their grillz to shine as bright as possible.

Most people go for grillz that cover 6 or 8 teeth. However, icing out the whole mouth is also a popular option. Let’s say you want your grillz to cover 8 teeth. That will cost you around $10,100 for VS-grade diamonds.

Take note that these prices are not carved in stone. For custom designs, the prices only go up.

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What Else Impacts The Price Of Grillz?

Apart from diamond clarity and how many teeth the grill covers, a huge impact on the price has labor and the metal used to make the grillz.

The most popular choices for diamond grillz are gold and silver. However, you can always request custom grillz made from white gold, platinum, or any other metal. Because these aren’t the standard, you’ll probably have to pay more.

Another thing that impacts the price of grillz is labor. A retailer or jeweler has it much easier when selling a larger diamond. For diamond grillz, however, they’ll have to cut the diamond into smaller ones to achieve that iced-out look.

As it’s the case with any product, there’s a leading brand specializing in diamonds. The most famous diamond retailers charge way more for diamonds than small stores. So, if you want your grillz to be branded, you’ll definitely have to break your bank.

Where To Buy Diamond Grillz?

You can buy diamond grillz from jewelers, retailers, and online shops like any type of jewelry.

Online stores are the best option for those who want pre-made diamond grillz. However, you’ll have to go to a physical store if you want a custom design specially for your teeth. That’s because they’ll have to take your bite mold, so the grillz perfectly fit your teeth.

If you have a particular design in mind, working out the details may be better done in person. However, there are convenient online stores with great customer support, so it’s down to you what kind of chopping you prefer.

How Are Diamond Grillz Made?

Diamond grillz can be pre-made or custom-made. Pre-made grillz are designed to fit 99% of people buying them, while custom grillz are made to fit only the person ordering them.

The process of making pre and custom-made grillz is the same. So, without further ado, let’s get to know how a diamond grill is made.

Deciding On The Design

The design of the grillz is entirely up to you and your budget. You can go for something standard retailers already offer or go crazy and make your diamond grillz design.

Choosing The Retailer

Once you’ve decided on the design, you next need to decide on the retailer responsible for creating your dental jewelry. Make sure you’ve researched the retailers and choose one with good recommendations.

You don’t need to limit yourself to physical stores. However, in a physical store, you’ll get personalized customer service that many online stores lack.

Teeth Mold

The next step includes taking the mold of your teeth so the diamond grillz will be a perfect fit.

Taking the mold of your teeth is usually done in-store and included in the final price you’ll pay for the diamond grillz. Online stores have a few extra steps to take the teeth mold.

If you’re buying from an online retailer, they’ll send you a molding kit with instructions on taking the teeth mold yourself. After that, you’ll need to send it back to them.

Making The Diamond Grillz

When the teeth mold is taken, a clay mold is usually created to help the designer see how the final product will fit. After that, the gold, or other metal of your choice, is cast with the help of the mold.

Once the gold part is done, the diamonds are carefully placed or carved to match your desired design. And that’s about it – Your custom grillz are ready!

How Long Do Diamond Grillz Last?

Unlike natural teeth, which can go bad even if you take good care of them, diamond grillz could last even more than you will.

Diamonds and precious metals are extremely durable and long-lasting.

So, with proper care, they’ll last for more generations. Even if you don’t clean them regularly, diamond grillz will last a lifetime. However, regular cleaning is recommended for good teeth and grill health.

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What Do Dentists Say About Diamond Grillz?

Since we’re talking about diamond grillz that are nothing more than fancy dental covers, it’s natural to ask ourselves what the dentists have to say about dental jewelry.

Are Diamond Grillz Safe?

It may surprise you, but no studies show that diamond grillz harm teeth and gum health. Of course, this only applies if you wash your teeth and the grillz regularly.

However, dentists do not recommend getting permanent grillz because the acids used when applying them damage your teeth. Moreover, this makes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and caries formation. So, be careful when deciding on permanent diamond grillz.

Do Diamond Grillz Make Your Teeth Rot?

With adequate mouth and grill hygiene, your new diamond grill won’t cause your teeth to rot. Dentists recommend regular checkups to ensure your teeth are healthy and that your diamond grill isn’t causing any problems.

With permanent diamond grillz the story is a bit different. Because they’re glued onto the teeth surface, you can’t wash your teeth adequately nor see what’s going on under the dental covers. Buildup can easily be formed, which ultimately leads to rotting teeth.

Or, in other words – Your diamond grill may last a lifetime, but your teeth won’t.

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Interesting Facts About Diamond Grilzz

Having covered all the basics about diamond grillz, let’s dive into some interesting facts about these iced-out mouthpieces.

The Long History Of Grillz

Most think that grillz originated in the 1980s from the famous New Yorker Eddie Plein and his shop. He and famous hip-hoppers may have kickstarted the trend in the 80s, but diamond grillz are much longer around.

Grillz date back as early as 800BC. The first known grillz originated from the Etruscans, an ancient civilization that inhabited the land that we now know as Italy. Graves and tombs found in the Tuscany region revealed that women of the high class wore golden grillz to symbolize their wealth.

In the Mayan civilization, almost everyone had some type of dental jewelry. The upper classes had jade engraved in their teeth, while the lower classes had to settle for some kind of other precious stone or just plain gold.

In Southeast Asia, people started wearing grillz around 1300AD. It was mainly to mimic their god Melu, who they believed had pure gold teeth.

Moreover, even Vikings wore some kind of grillz, but it was popular only among tribes.

The Most Expensive Diamond Grillz

The most expensive diamond grillz belongs to no other than singer Katy Perry. Her custom-made diamond grillz that she’s wearing in her hit single dark house cost a whopping $1,000,000!

Her million-dollar smile made even the proud record holder for the most expensive diamond grill in the Guinness record book.


Diamond grillz have been around for quite some time now. From the early Etruscan civilization to today, diamond grillz symbolize wealth and high status.

They had their ups and downs throughout history, but if it weren’t for hip-hop culture, no one would wear diamond grillz today. What was considered only a show-off among rappers has now become mainstream culture.

We hope this article has taught you everything you need to know about iced-out grillz and even a little more.