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5-Carat (5ct) Diamond: Everything You Need to Know

5-Carat (5ct) Diamond: Everything You Need to Know

Surely, you haven’t had a chance to come across a 5-carat diamond ring many times during your jewelry shopping. And that’s because these are very valuable – and extremely rare – gemstones.

It’s also reason enough to continue this story dedicated to diamond rings, explain a bit better why these stones are so special, and touch on how their pricing may differ from the standard choice – which would be 1-carat rings for most first-time buyers.

In reality, a 5-carat (5ct) diamond ring makes a stunning engagement ring, but there’s much more to this gemstone than its obvious beauty and value. If this got you interested, you should definitely stick around for more info on everything you need to know about 5-carat diamond rings – and why you should consider buying one.

Where Can I Find A 5-Carat Diamond?

No, that’s not a trick question. In addition to a large number of jewelry stores and internet shopping, it still seems to be a bit difficult to find a 5-carat diamond ring. 

How come? Well, believe it or not, natural 5-carat gemstones are extremely hard to find – at least those in close-to-perfect shape. That is especially true for jewelry shops.

Basically, you’ll have to research jewelry shops in your area well if you want to find a 5-carat diamond ring that meets your criteria and budget. And if you do not live in a larger city or an area with an abundance of jewelry stores, you will probably have to make it a trip.

But for a top-quality gem with a weight of 5 carats, it’s definitely worth it. Some might think it’s easier to search for a 5-carat diamond ring online. Here’s what we have to say to that: Don’t be fooled by the scope of the internet. 

Although it seems genuine to you, know that there’s a huge number of unauthorized retailers out there looking to sell you a 1-carat diamond for the price of a 5-carat one.

With valuable possessions such as diamond rings, it’s always better to stick to the good old routine of looking at the piece yourself. Many online retailers won’t even be able to offer you a fair bargain or insurance.

On that note, do you really need insurance? Well, for a 5-carat ring, we’d definitely recommend it. And while we’re on the topic of insurance, we’ve discussed does insurance cover a chipped diamond in a separate guide.

5-Carat Diamond – Cut, Dimension, And Price

Let’s cut right to the chase: Provided that you’ve found a legit jewelry store and the retailer shows you a beautiful 5-carat stone, how much would you have to take out of your wallet?

We’re not sure how much cash you’re used to carrying around – but for this piece, you’ll need to empty your credit card, as well. A 5-carat diamond ring of high quality can cost you between $46,000 and $737,000. You weren’t expecting such a large gap in the price, huh? 

We did – and it has to do with what we’ve said at the very beginning of this guide: The rarity of natural 5-carat diamond rings is insane. And rarity, in jewelry terms, only adds value.

Honestly, you’re not here to make any guesses. You need some solid info on these stones – and that’s why we’ve prepared a table with everything you need to know: shape, dimensions, and prices for 5-carat rings. Feel free to check out whether there’s a choice that might interest you:

Round11.11×11.11×6.7 mm$38,250 – $613,850
Oval13.88×9.25×5.64 mm$35,330 – $400,560
Princess9.42×9.42×6.78 mm $34,040 – $141,600
Emerald11.42×8.46×5.5 mm $44,000 – $311,376
Cushion9.96×9.96×6.37 mm $40,400 – $325,870
Pear15.47×9.32×5.69 mm $51,200 – $417, 690
Radiant9.88×9.88×6.32 mm$30,390 – $319,940
Heart11.22×11.22×6.73 mm $48,310 – $279,900

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If you are looking for a round-cut, be prepared to pay up – it’s the most expensive, but also the most beautiful diamond you’ll see.

Reason To Buy A 5-Carat Diamond

For sure, some of you were taken by the information you scrolled through in the table above. Normally, not everyone had the same expectations regarding this matter – some are certainly surprised at how much value these diamonds actually carry.

If you are stuck somewhere between “adding to cart” and continuing your search, here are a few reasons that may pull you towards the first option:

The first reason why you should invest in a 5-carat diamond (if you have the funds, that is) is the emotional value this gem carries. Throughout history, diamonds have been a testament to true love – and gifting them implies a strong emotional attachment and commitment to those who will continue to wear them.

The next reason has to do with the durability of the diamond in general: These are stones that are known to last almost forever – and never lose their sparkle. If you take good care of them from day one, your gem will be shining like the day you laid eyes on it.

Of course, there’s the obvious jump in value. As you know, the value of a diamond and its wholesale price depend on the market’s supply and demand. Therefore, you should use a favorable time and invest in this piece, which may be worth twice as much next year.

With 5-carat diamonds, a jump in value is guaranteed, given their rarity. Even if you end up in an unfavorable financial situation, you can use a 5-carat diamond as collateral. And if this should be the last thing on your list, you won’t have to worry about pawning a 5-carat diamond.

Its rarity makes it a treasured possession; there’s bound to be a retailer who will be willing to buy it from you. You might not get the price you were hoping for – but at least you’ll profit.

Before Buying, You Should…

You ought to go through a few steps before purchasing a 5-carat gemstone. Let’s go through them together so you’re ready to enter the jewelry store and walk out with the best possible offer.

1. Be Clear About Your Budget

You’ve seen the table above, and the cost of diamonds with 5 carats is no secret. So, before thinking about impressing someone with a huge diamond ring, be clear about your budget. Don’t go for something you won’t be able to repay.

2. Choose The Right Shape

Nowadays, there are all kinds of gem shapes and sizes, so it would be wise to try on the ring before you carry it home with you. Who knows? You might need to narrow or widen it to fit on your finger.

3. Make Sure It’s Certified

When buying a diamond – and especially precious stones like these ones – it is vital that you invest in the real deal and not a look-alike. Wherever you go, ask the retailer to show you a certificate.

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4. Think Twice 

Here’s the thing: A diamond like this is something that will stay in your possession for an extended period of time. That’s why you must go the extra mile and reconsider everything about the diamond ring you’re interested in purchasing. Go through everything with your jeweler, and by everything, we mean the 4 C’s of diamonds.

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Potential Alternatives

If you think that the price for a 5-carat diamond ring is out of your budget, we get it. You have every right to save your hard-earned money – and opt for a cheaper alternative.

And don’t think that opting for the second option somehow diminishes your intentions to buy a valuable piece of jewelry. On the contrary – there are so many alternatives that won’t fail to impress you.

So, if you’re not ready to spend a couple of hundred grand on a diamond ring at the moment, here are several options you can consider.

A Diamond With Fewer Carats

The more carats your stone has, the more it will cost you – naturally. So, the first and obvious solution is not to give up on buying diamonds but simply choose a stone with fewer carats. And to make the right decision and not rush into buying something out of your league again, you need to inquire about the price difference.

What we strongly recommend – and something that first-time buyers mostly go with – is a 1-carat diamond. It’s a classic, and you won’t have a problem paying for this piece, provided that you already have some money saved up.

Be careful if you are trying to decide between a 1.5-carat and a 2-carat diamond, though: The price of the latter could be twice as high – and we can pretty much guarantee that you can find an affordable and high-quality 1.5-carat if you ask the right questions and look in the right place.

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Lab-Created Gemstones

In the chase to buy a 5-carat diamond and impress your better half, you could’ve easily lost track of one obvious alternative – lab-grown diamonds.

Thanks to the wonders of technology and improvements that this industry is going through almost daily, you can now find 5-carat diamonds within a more affordable price range.

While the natural diamonds will be much harder to pin down and repay, lab-grown ones are available in most – if not all – reputable and larger jewelry stores.

You can rest assured that they are no less valuable or significant than natural ones. If you’re not an experienced jeweler, you likely won’t be able to tell the difference – and your other half will be absolutely thrilled at the sight of it. It’s a win-win situation.

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Colored Gemstones

Another alternative could be a well-known diamond double, a.k.a, a colored gemstone. Even if you go with this alternative, you won’t go wrong. There are many affordable – and oh-so-beautiful – pieces of colored jewelry, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. 

And to add to it, these valuable gemstones come in many different shapes and cuts, so you will indeed have room to pick and choose – and find one that suits you best. If we’re being honest, buying diamonds is not something you do out of fun, so it is imperative to have a plan B if the first option doesn’t go the way you want and you fail to find the perfect one.

In case you have a similar dilemma, let these alternatives help you.

Summing Up

Buying a 5-carat diamond is a considerable investment; there’s no doubt there. But should you go through with it? Let’s recap.

If you have money to spend, we say go for it. Interested diamond buyers will find a good opportunity if they look at the right places and explore all the options. As for the price, it’s a bit higher than the common 1-carat choice. For this pleasure, you will have to set aside around $50,000 – at least. Of course, this is the price for mined 5-carat diamonds. 

Did we forget to mention that this kind of diamond is scarce or that its value is growing more and more? If you’re aware of the market situation, you are looking to take a good opportunity – and buy a piece at a fair price. Before taking out your wallet, make sure that you’re willing to agree on all terms – the 4 C’s, certificate, price, setting, and measurements.

One thing’s certain – diamonds will never go out of style!